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My chem class is not transferring because it was taken too long ago. It was the same chem that chem and chem engineering majors took and I received a B. It was also taken at a large university. The chem requirement for nursing is a lesser chem, and I'm disappointed at having to take it again. Anyone else have this happen?

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I did. I had taken 2 years of Chemistry, but they were over 7 years old and didn't transfer. So I retook the lowest level chemistry that would cover my chemistry requirement. It was an easy A for me since I already knew the content. And believe it or not, there was a bit of new stuff in the class. Sciences expire because there are advances made every year, and and old class has old information.


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I also had to take another Chem class to get in. Geneva College has a class you can take on line. It's equivalent to High School Chem, but it's all you need to get into most programs. YOu take it at you leasure, and once you complete it, the teacher sends a certificate saying you passed to your school. Hope this helps!


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I believe that the CC I am in now has a 5 yr cap on Sciences. My friend had to retake A&P because of this, YUCK!


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I puposely pushed up my admittance and start of Nursing School because I did not want to take Chem again! I am very bad at Chem and when I took it in college the first time around it was a constant struggle/battle.

At my school all transfer classes need to be, at the most, 10 years old. Anything over that and you have to retake it again. I do think that if you took it maybe 11 or 12 years ago they would consider letting you test out of it.

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Maybe you could take the chemistry CLEP, especially if it's review for you. Far less expensive.


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The nursing school I will be attending has required I retake Micro and A&P since they were over ten years ago. However, they do accept taking an Excelsior exam for those courses, which is what I have chosen to do. I thought once you take a course it is good forever, but I have found that is not so. Very frustrating isn't it?!!


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Well, the school where I used to be an advisor had a 10-year cap. If that's the case, I understand, yet I do not understand then requiring a much lower level class. If that's the case, use the 10-year-old class. I'm going to discuss with the Dean and will post the conclusion in whatever form it takes :)

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I am having to take all of my a&p, chem and micro all over again. It is frustrating, but that is the rule. I'm re-taking them and just considering them a healthy review.:cool:

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wow, I had a chemistry class in high school and it met the requirements for the ADN program. And that was 20 years ago or so!!

You must be BSN students.

Poor kids.

steph :p

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This is classes I took when doing LPN classes, now starting the ADN program.

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Again wow . . . requirements are so very different even for the same degree.

Good luck.


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