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My son's preschool is having issues and I no longer have care for him during class. There are no other good preschool programs open at this late date, which would force me to put him in one of the substandard daycares, and go thru "orientation" for him.

My option is to drop Micro this semester, which leaves me with a Spring course list of Micro & lab, Chemistry (no lab), and the first Assessment class. Can it be done? I would need to drop Micro this week if I choose. HELP!


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Can you take either of these classes during an interium(sp?) session? I wouldn't take both micro and chemistry at the same time. How about a night class?


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Great ideas, and no - DH doesn't return home until 7. There are no interim sessions, and no Saturday sessions for either of those courses. I have been searching for an alternative everywhere. I've been tossing and turning over this.


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It CAN be done. It will be a stressful semester.... but your your Son is more way important at this point (heck, at ANY point!).... you won't be an effective student if you are worrying about your boy in a substandard day care situation.

Follow your Mommy intuition. Don't suppress it. Your son will only be young once.. and it flies so quickly!

Is there any family who can help?

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Put your son first! How well will your study go this semester if you are worrying that he is in a crappy environment?

You can use your time this semester to read up a bit on Chemistry and Micro so maybe they won't be so difficult when you take it all together.


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I agree with the responses above.

I took micro and chemistry together, along with Composition, government,ethics, and three kids..........It can be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just do what is best for your son right noW. It will be a lot of work to take those two together, but it is doable.


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Is there another student that you would trust with your son that you might be able to "exchange" day care with while you are in class? The days you have classes the other student takes your son and in exchange, you take their children on the days/nights that they have class. No cost!


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I simply love this forum!!

I'm already feeling better after reading the responses. My concern is the Assessment course and I would like to hear from anyone whom has completed it while taking other courses.

My parents will be back during the Spring so I'll have built-in babysitting then. In addition, I've already taken Chem 10 years ago but it didn't transfer; my advisor and I compromised that I can do the lecture and no lab.

My son has had three miserable experiences with preschools; in my heart my decision has been made, I just needed reassurances from others regarding taking Assessment and Micro together.

I really enjoy reading the "impossible" combo course lists some of you have provided - it gives me inspiration!

Thanks again!


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When I needed to take a night class that started before my DH could get home, I found a teen-ager to come in to cover the few hours difference. It was only two nights a week, so she was here for 3-4 hours each day, 6-8 hours a week. Do you have any neighbors with good, responsible teen-agers? We used her when I took A&P 1, and occassionally through Micro, when DH was out of town or had to work late. Good Luck!

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No matter what, listen to the "little voice" inside. If you have a bad feeling, even if you can't put your finger on why, then don't do it!!! Your child - all children - are more important than anything. Wait until the spring to take your classes - you said that your mom and dad would be back then - Grandma care (at least in my experience - is better than any day care and (again in my case) you can leave your son longer if need be to study!


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Oh, I'll still be taking classes this Fall - just was fearful of combining Micro, Chem, and Assessment in the Spring.

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