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I will apply to nursing school next January after finishing my prerequs. My concern: will being a nurse prevent me from serving God and church? I plan to teach bible sunday school in the children ministry at my church somewhere in the future. Reading through the threads, ADN nurses seem to have a tiring job, physically and mentally. I probably get my ADN first before my BSN. does any christian nurses out there have time for serving their church?

Two more questions: how about time for your family? does ur job tire you out so that spending time with your children and spouse seem physically too much?


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It depends on if you are a high energy person, or low energy. Will you be getting help while going to school and or working? Do you plan to work full or part-time. Lot of this will depend on what are your priorties. You may still be able to do all the things you want to do, but in my opinion, something is always going to be neglected. At this time I have to work, and work cut out a lot of things for right now. When I don't have to work I will be looking for another job so I can do things that are more important to me in life. Like being with my family more, or too tired to do the things I consider more important than pulling 40+ hr per week.

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Most nurses with families work 3 days a week, 12-hour shifts. Most families come to understand that mom/dad can't contribute much those days, but there are four days off.

It might be difficult at first to find a job where you can have every Sunday off. So be prepared to work our fair share of weekends as a new nurse before you get the good schedule. Many churches have weekday activities, so it definatley is possible to serve your church and be a nurse.

There are many Christian hospitals around as well that allow you to practice your faith at work. :)

Good luck to you.

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I worked for nine years total at a rural hospital, 0245 - 1515, 3 days a week and didn't say no to working extra shifts. Also worked every other weekend. This lasted for about 3 years until I found myself pregnant at 43 with child #4. (God uses interesting ways to get our attention):D

I have to say my chances at ministry definitely were affected by my job. I worked harder to be here for my family than to have time for my faith. Sometimes that meant going to my sons' football games on Friday night, getting home at 10:30 p.m. and trying to fall asleep so I could get up at 0145 to get ready for work.

I would never go back to that.

I worked part-time after having my child and will never work full-time again.

There are places you can work, like surgery centers, where you don't work weekends or holidays. Also doctors' offices.

I would encourage you to not sacrifice your family or faith for your job. Start out with the commitment to never shortchange what is most important.

I work Hospice now. Part-time. And I'm in returning to a RN-BSN program that is one night a week, from 6 - 10 p.m.

I am a member of a group that goes to Vietnam each summer for 2 1/2 weeks. I attend church each Sunday. I spent a lot of time when my 3 older kids were young doing Sunday School and the nursery. I don't do that now - feel like I've been there, done that. I do try to get involved with home groups or women's bible studies.

YES, there is a way to make time for your faith and family - you just have to research the jobs you are looking at and not take a job that asks you make THEM (the job) first priority.


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If God is calling you to serve Him in the area of nursing, then......this will be your ministry, and it's not to be entered in to without a great deal of prayer for His direction. I have been serving Him in a busy ER of Level 1 Trauma Center for 20 years. These hallways I walk every day are mission fields. God presents spiritual opportunities daily and He only asks that I be available and obedient to accomplish His purpose. I taught SS for several years, but only on alternate Sundays. Most hospitals expect employees to work every other weekend. Fortunately I had an apprentice teacher who taught on the days I worked. Blessings to you as you seek His will for your life.

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I found that during nursing school I couldn't do it all and felt like a failure coz I couldn't keep up with those who could. But my pastor's wife and a few friends from Sunday School told me not to worry about "serving" now, that it was important to be prepared for classes and clinicals with a clear mind and rested body, that God knew what I was capable of. I prayed alot during nursing school!!

Don't get behind in your studies. I would be cautious of making committments outside of school, such as a leadership role at your church. I set myself up for exhaustion and had to step down...and it is okay.

I find I can't work full-time without having to take days off for down and then get whatever is going around. I have had to learn to stop apologising for what is my reality. My blood work is fine, but my immune system is very iffy, so I have to pace myself. Oh, well, God knows that already. I just have to live with it, and do what I can to stay on top of things.


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If you truly seek God first, everything will fall into place.

Balance in life is always a challenge. I have worked in hospitals and served in churches that thought nothing of owning most of my time. I am glad your church family knows how important your studies must be. Once you start working, you call the shots. While you are in school, your time is dictated by your school schedule and school work.

My relationship to God comes first; my husband next; my children; my work. I have managed tomerge my marriage with service; motherhood with service. My worklife revolves around my lifestyle, not visa versa. I have determined ahead of time that I needed Sundays off (to attend church as a family when the kids were small) and I have found the jobs that suit me. There were times I worked Sundays and attended services on Wednesdays instead.

The less you work, the more time you may have to devote to service at church. God already has planned your time, your career and your service and it will all work out for good! As someone here already said,

wherever you work as a nurse, you are a missionary, you are the hands and voice of hope, wisdom, love in the lives of everyone you touch. That reality will unfold as you get into school, into your career. Parish nursing may be in your future too.

May God Bless You.


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When I was in nursing school twenty five years ago in South Dakota, our teacher made us on the bottom of every test write our priorities for life.

She said if we kept them, we would never fail, we would always be happy and successful. After all these years working, in management, 60-70 hrs/week to just 3 12 hours shifts, I can personally tell you that my 25 year old daughter resents my early management years when mommy was never home. I am grateful that she has forgiven me and we are close now that I have remembered and stick to Ms Jungs Priority bottom test answers!




When you change that list in any shape or form watch how your life will go quickly to the enemy. And remember, with God, you can any day over at any time. That's what work bathrooms have done for me on my knees!!!


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I agree with all the previous posters. If nursing is your calling, then it is your ministry. When you put God and others ahead of yourself, you are being obedient to God. Please do not be disappointed nor distracted if you cannot meet all of your church obligations while you pursue nursing and then work as a professional. Remember, the church is not the building but the people. As a nurse, you will be serving the people who need you and your talents, care, and concern. Also, you will be setting an example as an ambassador for God in the work place.

Keep in mind that after you get some experience under your belt, you can pursue work-at-home opportunities or other less physically demanding work if that is the Lord's will. Best wishes to you, and God Bless.


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I think it is always about balance. :monkeydance: I work as a nurse, but also work in Children's Ministry :lttang: and another department that I can work in whenever I have time (it's really flexible). I beleive that Church should not be sacrificed, but you may have to teach SS every other Sunday and work the other. Or you could go to night service if you miss morning service on Sunday. You'll work it out, but one poster mentioned that if you keep God first, :saint: everything will fall into place- and it will. As Christians we have something the rest of the world doesn't. :bowingpurI plan to excel at work and be promoted, and at the same time do more and more for my church and build my relationship with God, with God, it is possible. :nuke:

:pumpiron: I have strength for all things through Christ who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength in me; I am self- sufficient in Christ's suficiency].

- Phil. 4:13, Amplified Bible

This verse has helped me so much in my life, I hope it blesses someone else out there as well.


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hi, i'm only considering nursing right now but i think its great that you are a christian and you are thinking about how your career will affect your relationship with god! just remember if its his will for you to become a nurse he'll provide you with the job that will allow you the time for church and you can always pray while you're on the job!!! he is always with you!

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i will apply to nursing school next january after finishing my prerequs. my concern: will being a nurse prevent me from serving god and church? i plan to teach bible sunday school in the children ministry at my church somewhere in the future. reading through the threads, adn nurses seem to have a tiring job, physically and mentally. i probably get my adn first before my bsn. does any christian nurses out there have time for serving their church?

two more questions: how about time for your family? does ur job tire you out so that spending time with your children and spouse seem physically too much?

i have only been a christian for a short time and a nurse for forever. the thing to try to keep in mind always (and i say try because inevitably i fail...):

col 1:17-18 and he is before all things, and by him all things consist. and he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

in other words - keep him first, and all else (work, family, self, others) will fall into their rightful place.

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