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just wondered what the general thoughts were on this dicipline. my mri showed pinched nerves in my neck. i have great pain and horrible migrane like headaches.its hard to hold my head up for long periods of time and i have numbness and pain along my shoulder and scapula. have had these symptoms since an injury one month ago. physical therapy has not helped and this morning i am seeing a surgeon.

i have been doing some research and during my searches have found hundreds of ads for chiropractors. evidently this is one of those things that are supposed to be their "speciality".

many years ago i had a VERY bad experience with a chiropractor so im kind of biased and yet im considering all options before surgery....what do you think?


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Sorry to hear of your troubles.

I injured my back pretty badly a few years ago. Could hardly walk and driving a clutch was excrutiating. I would get "stuck" bent over, could only stand or lie down, sitting was horrible. I finally went to the chiro and felt immensely better after the 3rd visit.

Do what I did and ask around. You do have to be careful. A chiro in my area actually tried to "adjust" an 80 y/o woman with severe osteoporosis fracturing her spine. :( It seems like for every positive story like mine, there is a negative one in regards to chiros.

Good luck


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I go to a chiro too, depending on my neck, headaches etc, once or twice a year.

Very important for me is, that he is an orthopedic surgeon too!

And at least once a year wants new x-rays of my spine.

After two sessions, I fell like a new "Mensch"


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Could not function without my chiropractor!!! Actually went to him yesterday.

But it is true that there are many, many out there not worth a plug nickel. Ask friends, get feed back from as many as you can.

Good luck


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I have bad neck problems, my chiro stays away from my neck. I do however, have a very positive story--

2 years ago right before christmas ( Dec.12) I went to our radiology christmas party out of town and slept in a hotel bed. The next morning my back was out. I couldn't straighten out, I could barely walk, it even hurt to sit. I went to my GP who put me on Valium and Ultram, and ordered a lumbar MRI. The MRI was neg for a disc, but my GP wanted me to see a neurosurgeon. I did not like the neuro surgeon right from the begining( by this time it's 18th of December). He put me on Steroids, Percocet, and Ativan. I lost 5 days. He told me to stay in bed. By the 24th of December I have had enough of this. I felt worse than when the injury first occured. My husband talked to a guy that went to a painless chiropractor ( he knew I don't like to be cracked). He talked to this guy on dec 19th. He couldn't convince me to go. Finally agreed to go on Dec. 24th. This Doctor was excellent. He told me to stop taking the medication and get up and move. gave me exercises to do and told me to come back in the morning (CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!) By the time Christmas dinner was ready, I could bend over and take a ham out of the oven. I have been going to him ever scince. I wish I would have gone to him in the first place. I practically missed Christmas. I couldn't help decorate our tree or our house, I couldn't shop, I didn't bake cookies. If I would have gone to him, my Christmas would have been 100% better, by the way I was back to work on Dec.29th without restriction. I have had no lower back problems scince.

Hope this helps-




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Hubby swears by his. Chir. didn't help me, but didn't harm me though. I did as my neuro and he said no problem just don't let him near my neck...I have bad stuff there.


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My family doctor actually recommended that I try a chiropractor. I have some problems with my shoulder. It helped a lot. I think the best thing to do is ask around and see who people are recommending. I actually liked the chiro better than the orthopod I went to. I think it all just depends. Good Luck.


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thanks all :)

since i have all of these positive responses from nurses, i am certainly going to find one. mine must have been an isolated incident.

today i went to the surgeon who told me that the mri was worse than the xray films and surgery was out of the question for me. he feels that my problems are muscular although he found a great deal of degenerative arthritis in C3-6 with 5-6 being the worst, which not incidentally is just where my pain is. i am to continue with physical therapy and he is sending me back to work on monday, sedentary duty, 4 hour shifts.

the doc that referred me to the surgeon told my employer i would be off for the next month. that was two days ago. this guy sends me back monday.

these are workers comp docs same practice but the one i saw today is a surgeon.

i am happy about going back to work. ive been bored to death and kinda afraid id lose some of the steam i was working on building. i am however

afraid that holding my head up straight for four hours at a time is going to cause excruciating it does now. and then my friends what will i do? get a third opinion?

i just wanna be out of pain and be well again.


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I have use a chiropractor in the past that was helpful...That said make sure if you choose that route that you choose someone well known to friends, family or co-workers. Choosing a poorly trained chiropractor could worsen your symptoms.

Best of luck to you.


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wow...lots of reading there!

thanks death, this is the kind of information i was looking for :D

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