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Children's Medical Center of Dallas February 2017 residency

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All of mine were behavioral questions. Start to think of clinical situations of when you had an issue and what you did to resolve it. I literally googled "Student/Graduate Nurse Interview Questions" and answered the ones I found to the best of my ability.

How long after you applied did you get your video interview??

I applied at the end of August and got a call from the recruiter about the video interview around mid-end September. From there we had interviews in October and then a job was offered at the end of October.

I applied for the July residency and I have a video interview with them tomorrow. Could you guys tell me what kind of questions they asked so I can be prepared? I am really frightened and could really use some help. Thanks!

How did it end up going?!

Does anyone know how long they offer the video interviews? I feel like it is so early and people are already getting calls.. the deadline isn't until feb something but I am worried that I won't get it because I still have not received a call

I have a friend that applied about a week ago and she got an email today saying she wasn't selected that they have already selected applicants. But I have still heard nothing!

Well I guess at this point not hearing anything is still a positive right? Because if we haven't gotten an email denying us we must still be a possibility... I hope lol