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  1. Sure!!!!
  2. When she called to make the offer I asked it is weekday nights 3.75 weekend day 4.25 and weekend nights 9.50!!!
  3. That's my understanding.
  4. The recruiter just informed me that the PICU opportunities are not available. Idk what happened guys.
  5. I just accepted an offer for Neuro!!! Good luck everyone!! See you all in feb!
  6. I guess no news is good news!!! I haven't received a rejection email. PICU or CV ICU
  7. Was neuro your only interview or your first choice?
  8. Not yet!! Hopefully soon!!!
  9. Kmb26

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    Anyone apply to children's and hear any feedback from the interviews?
  10. Kmb26

    Dallas/Ft. Worth Winter 2017 Nurse Residencies

    Did anyone apply and interview with children's??