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Children's Medical Center of Dallas February 2017 residency

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As in they aren't hiring anyone? I'm confused?

That's my understanding.

How nice....

Anyone who got offered a job know what the differentials are for weekend and nights?

No I've asked Georgia twice and she hasn't given me an answer. If you find out let me know!

I messaged her a few days ago and she has not replied to that question, but has answered my other questions. So idk?

Same! Are you from Dallas?

When she called to make the offer I asked it is weekday nights 3.75 weekend day 4.25 and weekend nights 9.50!!!

Heck yeah!! I saw previous years made Facebook groups. Do y'all want to do the same?


Yes I am from Arlington, TX. But am at school at Texas Tech in Lubbock. You?

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I made a Facebook page so we can chat when things get closer! If the link doesn't work just search February 2017 Nurse residency children's health dallas

I just asked to join it on Facebook. Great idea!

Just asked to join the group!! Thanks for making the page :)

Hi, I am about to apply for the July 2017 cohort and I had a question! The website says no letters of rec are required, but should I attach some anyway? Any advice would be appreciated hahah!


They get your references after you're selected! No need, but if you want feel free!

It would not hurt to attach them. I believe I attached rec letters and a cover letter (I forgot if a cover letter is required, but I know I attached one either way. Good luck :)

I applied for the July residency and I have a video interview with them tomorrow. Could you guys tell me what kind of questions they asked so I can be prepared? I am really frightened and could really use some help. Thanks!