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  1. Ajtx17

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    Is anyone still waiting to hear back from children's dallas? I interviewed a couple of weeks ago and still haven't heard anything, good or bad. I'm not sure if I should contact the recruiter for an update or keep waiting.
  2. That's good news. I'm wondering if I should contact her soon or just wait it out.
  3. Ajtx17

    Dallas/Ft. Worth Winter 2017 Nurse Residencies

    I'm in the process of interviewing with THR, waiting for a possible offer from children's dallas and I recieved an email today from JPS for the units that want me to interview after the panel interview I had last week
  4. Has anyone heard from CRT? Still waiting for that and one other.
  5. Congrats @summershawky I hope I hear back soon!
  6. Not yet, they said we should hear back mid this week, so hopefully around Wednesday or Thursday.
  7. Did anyone attend the on site interviews? How did it go?
  8. For any potential Children's Dallas future residents to share updates and ask any questions.