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  1. How nice....
  2. As in they aren't hiring anyone? I'm confused?
  3. The recruiter contacted me today and said she is still waiting on the manager to get back to her. Not sure if I was on the back up list or what but figured this might bring people some more hope! Decisions are still being made!
  4. tmrs15

    Dallas/Ft. Worth Winter 2017 Nurse Residencies

    Anyone hear from Dallas Children's for the PICU/TICU or any other critical care jobs? I have another job offer but they were my top choice.
  5. So far ive only heard of medsurg/gen Peds and the neuro unit offer that posted earlier! Anyone heard of anything else?
  6. tmrs15

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    Anyone hear from cooks today. I got an offer yesterday in critical care and tried to accept it today but could not get in touch with anyone.
  7. Anyone hear of anything on PICU/Ticu yet?
  8. Congrats @summershawky !!! Where is your offer?
  9. Anyone hear anything today?
  10. tmrs15

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    Anyone hear anything from cooks or Dallas today? Trying to figure out if cooks is done calling people
  11. tmrs15

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    I think we are supposed to hear back this week! I know everyone had to turn in their list to Georgia (the residency director, I think) by today and she will make calls as she gets the lists. This is how I understood it anyway, so hopefully by Friday we will know.
  12. They called me about it about three weeks ago. There was an online interview and they asked what units we are interested in then. Then about a week and a half later, they emailed me about the in person interview.
  13. I did! It was pretty relaxed and casual. Mine was for the trauma/PICU. Anyone know how many applicants?