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  1. It would not hurt to attach them. I believe I attached rec letters and a cover letter (I forgot if a cover letter is required, but I know I attached one either way. Good luck :)
  2. I just asked to join it on Facebook. Great idea!
  3. Yes I am from Arlington, TX. But am at school at Texas Tech in Lubbock. You?
  4. I messaged her a few days ago and she has not replied to that question, but has answered my other questions. So idk?
  5. Anyone who got offered a job know what the differentials are for weekend and nights?
  6. I received a phone call yesterday afternoon of my acceptance onto the General Pediatrics floor!
  7. Has anyone heard from general pediatrics yet?
  8. I have not yet.
  9. Did anyone have an interview for General Pediatrics? I had my interview last week and I am waiting for a call/email on if I got accepted or not still. I am nervous...