Is it bad that we only went over the syllabus yesterday and I already want to cry?

Advice/tips, please!


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You have to ask yourself "How bad do I want this?"...set some goals and take one step at a time. Good luck to you.


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I was not a fan of Chemistry and dropped out of in high school. But as an older student, realized I had to do well in it to go into nursing.

Borrow "Chemistry for Dummies" from the library. Watch the "SigFig" song on youtube. Use whatever resources you have to understand the material. Take a professor who has great reviews and do every assignment, including extra credit.

I ended up liking Chemistry and got an A. If I can do it, you totally can.


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It is definitely tough. I agree with that last reply, it does depend on how bad you want it. I was in tears the first few weeks of chemistry. I considered dropping but I knew I that this class was a requirement. I bought chemistry for dummies, watched every chemistry YouTube video, and I even had to get a tutor. It took A LOT of work, but it was definitely worth it.

Good luck!!

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Chemistry isn't a walk in the park, but it's definitely doable. Just keep on track, stay ahead, if you get confused ASK FOR HELP! The best thing that anyone could do is going to tutoring, even if you understand, it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion.


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I just took chemistry this past summer. I took chem in high school and almost failed it because I was a terrible student at the time and just didn't care. My chemistry lecture was online and we met in a class for lab and exams. It's definitely doable if you put in the effort. I used YouTube religiously, I can't recommend it enough. I also googled for practice problems that had checked answers and would test myself. I actually really loved that class. If I could do it online and pass with a B+, then you're fine!


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Do as many practice problems as you can and take advantage of office hours. I used Homework Helpers for Chemistry as a supplement and it really helped. I also signed up for Aleks' online chemistry course and it helped. Somehow I passed an Honors Chemistry class with an A. (Took Honors as it was the only section that had space available....)

Good Luck!!

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The syllabus in any class can be overwhelming (since it's all material you don't know), but it's even more so in science classes. You learn a lot of info in chemistry, but it's very doable. Plus, it'll come in handy in nursing school when you hit fluids and electrolytes. Trust me!

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I never worked harder in any subject than I did for my chemistry classes. I spent SO much time in the free tutoring center at my school and studying at home just to get a B. The concepts just don't come easy to me - I really have to take my time to wrap my head around it all, and the class moves so fast through the content! I would say to exercise proper time management and take advantage of tutoring on campus if it's offered.


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I had never taken a chemistry class until this summer. I was also very overwhelmed with the material. It didn't help that I took it in a 7 week semester. Anyway, I ended up with an A- which I was very happy with. My professor was very scattered and I had a really hard time understanding and following her in lecture (lab wasn't required). At the end of the semester we still had 2 chapters that we didn't have enough time to cover in class so I pretty much had to teach myself the material. I ended up watching a LOT of youtube and Khan Academy videos and it really helped. I also went to the campus tutor twice a week and he was amazing.

Good Luck!! You'll do just fine.


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Is it bad that we only went over the syllabus yesterday and I already want to cry?

Advice/tips, please!

Hey girl don't sweat it! Try

A lot of helpful lessons and the guy who does the video tutorial does a good job of explaining things.


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Chemistry was a no joke, but i came out their with a grade B. My advice is, if you have any extra credit assignments you can do, then do them. Participate in class to get your extra points. What people don't realize is that these extra credit points really do make a difference in class. I think out of all the classes that i've took, Chemistry was a class i hated. However my professor made the class more exciting, so hopefully you will have a professor who hands out extra credit and is not bloody boring. Good luck