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Chemistry and Microbiology in the same semester?


Hey y'all! I am in my second semester of college. I am of course a pre nursing major. Nursing applications for 2013 go up in July! THIS JULY! In order for me to start nursing school in 2013, I have to finish my pre reqs. In order to finish on time, I have to take two sciences at the same time :( I am considering Chemistry and Microbiology at the same time. Thoughts? I think that I can handle it. I'm 18, no kids, no job, which means no responsibility. LOL. I take A&P I now and I love it. I have an A in the class & an A in the lab and I also take Biology I now and I have a B in the class and an A in the lab. Since I take two sciences now at the same time, I think I can handle Chem & Micro together but I'm doubting it because EVERYONE tells me Chemistry is D-I-F-F-I-C-U-L-T. They say it's a challenging science. I plan to take A&P II in the fall (2012) and then Chem & Micro in the spring (2013). Of course I have to pass it the first go round because it will be my last semester before I head to nursing school so I have no choice but to pass it. Nursing school starts in the Fall of 2013. Thoughts? I love getting advice from people who are also pre nursing majors or are already in nursing school and have been through this. Thanks :)

Everyone said the same thing to me. I took Anatomy and Chem the same semester and received A's and then the following semester I took Micro and Physio and received A/B. It is totally doable. I would suggest those be your only two classes unless you are doing an easy online psych 41 or sociology or something. Organic chemistry is not hard.... the last couple of weeks it gets a little bit more difficult but thats it. Keep a really good organized easy to read lab book and you will be fine. Both classes are just a lot of memorization and you are going to have much more difficult things to memorize in nursing school so it will be good practice for you. Good luck to you.

I'm taking organic chemistry and physiology at the same time and I'd say taking two science courses isn't that bad. Oddly enough organic chemistry is my favorite class. I don't have a job or kids either and I use the bulk of my time studying. I think you can definitely handle it. Stay focused! However, if you do feel overwhelmed and feel as though you can't handle it, don't be afraid to drop one of the two courses or one of your GE courses. You never want to overload, if you have problems don't hesitate to talk to an advisor for advice, especially if your worried about finishing your pre-reqs by a certain time. It's best to take a fair amount of classes and get all A's as opposed to overloading and putting your grades at risk. Other than that, I say go for it and feel it out, if having both classes doesn't feel right then drop one before the drop-deadline. If you feel confident though, I say stick with it ! As long as you study and attend class you should be fine , GOOD LUCK !!


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I took A&P II and Chemistry I in the Fall 2011 semester, and got A's in both classes. I'm 28, am not married and don't have any children, but do have a full-time job (45-50 hours/week). As long as you push yourself to study hard, I don't think there's any problem with taking two science courses at the same time. Good luck!

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Just make sure that Chem is not a pre-req for Micro. When I took Micro (many moons ago) you had to have Bio & Chem before you could register for Micro. Worth checking into so you're not stuck at the 11th hour.

I took A&P II and Chem at the same time and got A's. I've been out of school for 10 years and I have a 2 years old daughter. It's not hard at all!

I think it depends. I'm taking anatomy, micro and chem this semester and all are fairly easy and doable.

Sorry I am so late replying! School has worn me out! I just finished my finals!! Thanks everyone for the advice!


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As long as you think you can do well in them. I took Anatomy and Physiology together and got Bs in both of them when I should have gotten As. If I were to take both of them at the same time, I wouldn't take any other classes because I personally don't have a strong bio background. I got a C in Micro but I also could have tried harder to at least get a B. The main thing is trying your best to get As in both of them because lower pre-reqs GPA makes it so much harder to get into a program.

So Anatomy and Physiology are seperate classes at your school? Hmm it's one subject combined at my school. Science has always been a breeze for me. I'm just a little hectic about Chemistry.


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I believed they offered a combined class at my school but a lot of programs didn't accept it so I had to take both separately, one was 5 semester units and one was 4 semester unit if I remember correctly. Is your combined class one semester or two? I actually loved Chemistry but I took a General Chem class my first semester (i.e like pre-med chem not intro) and got a C but then I took an intro to Inorganic, Organic, and Biochem and got a B in that but I wouldn't want to take both in a semester. Inorganic Chem is a decent amount of math but it wasn't too hard for me to understand, organic chem was harder for me personally. Just some things to keep in mind, doing both is definitely possible but you just need to stay on top of everything. Good luck!

hello. well i have the option of taking a&p II and microbiology together next spring semester, or i can take a&p II in the spring and micro in the summer following. what would you guys suggest i do? i think the summer session would be 8-11 weeks.

My situation is similar to yours except that I am 44 y/o. I will be taking A&P II and Chemistry in the Fall because I am trying to finish my pre-reqs so I can transfer to the university and take my 4 junior level pre-reqs. I have a lot of down type at my job so I can study at work, and I do take advantage of it. It is so much more productive than just sitting there doing nothing or just reading some random book.

It's one semester. For example, you would take A&P 1 one semester and A&P 2 the next semester. I received an A out of A&P 1 and the lab this semester! It was great. Before I take Chemistry, my counselor recommended I take Principles of Chemistry (just another phrase for Intro to Chemistry). He recommended I take Principles first because Chemistry is a challenge and he especially suggested it since I do not have a Chemistry background. I did not take Chemistry in high school. Alot of people find that very shocking and crazy but it's true. High school isn't like college. In high school, the counselor chose the classes. At my high school, chemistry was not needed to graduate. So, who takes a class they do not need? If I had known that Chemistry would be a very important component to my major then of course I would have taken it. But oh well, the past is the past and I can only focus on the future and bettering myself now.