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  1. 37 and counting

    Can they force me to work weekends during jury duty???

    I would think patient care may suffer if their nurse is fatigued from working 7 days in a row. Everyone needs some time to rest and spend with their families.
  2. 37 and counting

    Well.. I guess I am going to be canned

    Okay this made me laugh out loud :) I wonder if the housekeepers are worried for their jobs now that the nurses have the mops? LOL!
  3. 37 and counting

    College of the Canyons Fall 2013 (COC)

    Congrats to you guys! I am in third semester at COC and I love love love it! First semester is very stressful because everything is so new but the 1st semester instructors are super nice people so its just the work that makes in stressful not the instructors. Later... its both :) @heylove, I hope you made it to your first class... which teacher did you get tall or short?
  4. 37 and counting

    COC Fall 2012

    I can't believe how fast that semester went by. It felt like we were constantly taking midterms or finals. Just an FYI to the next incoming class the classes run one after the other so the first semester is broken into two 8 week sections with two classes (pharm & theory) in each. In addition, the first 8 weeks you will also have skills lab and the second 8 weeks will be clinical. Congrats to the 58 of us who made it throught to second semester and good luck to the next 60 :)
  5. 37 and counting

    COC Fall 2012

    The group I am in starts skills lab tomorrow morning :) I can't believe its time already!!! Of course my kid came home sick today so I have been freaking out all day.... but she seems better now.... hope she holds out until Friday for any more illnesses :) So as long as I don't sleep through my alarm clock and I remember to bring all of my stuff... I think I am good. Good luck everyone !!!!
  6. 37 and counting

    COC Fall 2012

    I am so freaken excited that school starts on the 23rd!!!! I still haven't finished my reading... I think I am just so freaked about once the rollercoster of information starts we will be riding it for 2 years that I am just trying to delay the start a bit. LOL! Excited.... scared.... butterflies..... vomit.... I am really having trouble telling the difference at this point. LOL!
  7. 37 and counting

    COC Fall 2012

    @Rishybugg - So funny you should ask... I am also starting skills lab on the 23rd and was wondering the same thing. I drove by there today and its really easy to find its right accross from the parking structure. So when you drive into the main hospital (hospital is in front of you) and make a right towards the parking structure you will see it on the left side directly accross from the parking structure. It has COC listed on the outside of the building and everything. Now if I could only find my stethoscope I would be good to go :) Hope to meet you on Thursday :)
  8. 37 and counting

    What time do you start clinical?

    Mine will be at 6:30 am at kaiser PC.
  9. 37 and counting

    Tired, broke, and frustrated

    @ nursefrances - LMAO! Now the pirates song is stuck in my head. LOL!
  10. 37 and counting

    Good pop up but didnt pass?

  11. 37 and counting

    Tired, broke, and frustrated

    I started reading this thread because I too will be on a tight budget and thought it might contain some tips..... then I just giggled my way through it and no longer cared about poverty. You guys/gals are a crack up :) Thanks for the laugh!
  12. 37 and counting

    A little advice sure would be nice!

    Mrs. Priss - I have had very similar conversations. Oddly all of the doctors and nurses I have talked to about my desire to become a nurse have been really encouraging and have not made weight an issue - my family on the other hand does not have the same filter. I am also working on droping weight and have lost over 30lbs but still have a ways to go. For me, this whole process has been about being my own biggest (shrinking) cheerleader and tuning out the negative whitenoise of others. You have worked hard to get to this point and I am sure you are excited (I know I am!) so don't let anyone steal your thunder!!!! You are AWESOME and nursing school is going to be AMAZEBALLS! Congrats and good luck!
  13. 37 and counting

    COC Fall 2012

    Idon't know about electronic copies, but I did ask the instructors about older versions of books. I was advised via email that the last version of calculate with confidence and the 1st version of the videos would be fine (and they are both much cheaper on Amazon). Also, we are allowed to use the last version of the fundamentals book, but it would require more effort as we will have to search for the info rather than just go off of the page numbers given - I got the impression they were advising against it. Most current versions of Davis's drug guide and most current version of Nursing Diagnosis were recommended. *** I was given this information in response to an email I sent and I am in no way recommending it - I just thought I would share as an FYI.
  14. 37 and counting

    COC Fall 2012

    So I was looking at the booklist today and OMG!! My friend gave me a number of books but many of them are 1 edition off. Anyone know if there is a big change in the fundamentals of nursing books between edition 6 and 7?
  15. 37 and counting

    COC Fall 2012

    I will be at Kaiser PC.
  16. 37 and counting

    COC Fall 2012

    @mbragasin - I would love to know what we are going to learn 1st semester and what books we will be using if you have an idea. My email is sydaddiesmom@gmail.com.