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  1. SimoC

    TEAS exam online practice assesment

    I have already given it to the first person that has emailed me. I found the online practice assessment, especially the science part, to be harder than the actual test. I wish you best of luck, the test is not that bad as long as you study.
  2. I have taken the TEAS and passed with a good score. I have bought the Online Practice Assessment Form B, and I only used it once. On the website they say it can be used twice, so if anyone is interested to try it, I can give you the ID and password. My email is ny_laura@yahoo.com.
  3. SimoC

    I got my letter today!!!

    Thank you Mandy! Best of luck to you too!
  4. SimoC

    I got my letter today!!!

    What college did you get in Mandy? I am still waiting for my letter from my community college! This waiting is killing me!
  5. SimoC

    Chemistry on the TEAS exam

    Just review basics: proton, electron, neutron, atomic mass/number, ionic and covalent bonds (polar/nonpolar) , balancing equations, gas laws (Boyle, Charles, Dalton, etc). There are a bunch of chem questions on the tests, but they just cover basics.
  6. I took A&P II and Chem at the same time and got A's. I've been out of school for 10 years and I have a 2 years old daughter. It's not hard at all!
  7. SimoC

    I want to hear from those accepted to their Nursing Program

    Which college are you applying for? I have scored 89% (99%percentile - not sure how accurate the percentile is) and my college only takes the top 72 applicants based on the TEAS scores. I am so nervous!
  8. Hello everybody! I just took my TEAS exam at WCC last week and I know it's gonna be a while until we receive our letters. I was wondering if there are any other students here who had taken their TEAS at WCC and what were your scores. I scored 89%.