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chat room main server is being upgraded all weekend do to new IP address that we are being issued. The net will not be on line this entire weekend.


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:rolleyes: Gee Caj, it's now monday night. When is it going to be fixed? Is everything broke in NAW OWLANS? :confused: What can we say, you guys made it, got us addicted, and now it's still broken. :( Hope it's up and running soon. ;)


The problem is our server that is the main one is not resolving correctly due to the connection. The tech claim they will have it fixed in the next day or 2...This bites but once the upgrade is completed on all 7 servers we will be fine.

Any refunds see Jamis as he is honoring all claims of mental strain and anxiety ideations.

I thank you for your patience and hope to see you soon!


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My psychatrist says I can't last much longer without the chat room. Is there any way to connect through Mirc????

desperately seeking other pathetic nurses...

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Nobody pays any attention to me? :(

"ICQ" -> YOu can make a chat room in there...and we all can talk.

me :)

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Originally posted by CEN35:

Nobody pays any attention to me? :(

me :)


I beg to differ Rick. :D

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Don't mean to be a pest but when is the chat room gonna be back! We've been without for a week now! I hope it's soon!

Kelly :)

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Hey Caj, How about a little update as to what is going on about the chatroom? Still alot of problems? When do you think it may be up and running again? Please let us know, ok? thanks. :D

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