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Chasing after a dream


Hello Allnurses! My name is Eric, and I am planning on applying for nursing programs. I finally got accepted in July of 2014, but dropped out so I could continue to work while my fiance finished her ASN. She is now an RN, but she also ended things the day before graduation. (10/13) My mother is a FNP, she's worked cardiology and now she's in a retail clinical setting. I really would, at some point, like to go after my masters.

I want to be depressed, cry, and give up. But chasing my dream and changing myself for the better is what's important to me. I don't know anything about other programs in Indy, all I knew was the first college I applied to. I can't go back there as it is a private school and I want my credits to transfer in case I need to try for another program. My current GPA is 4.0 - but at a private school. I know I'll have to start over, but where do I begin?!

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Look up the schools in your area that you are interested in and talk with an academic adviser or someone in admissions. They should be able to tell you which courses will transfer over and which will not. They will be able to guide you the best in your next steps based on the specific requirements of their school.

quiltynurse56, LPN, LVN

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Check out community colleges in the Indy area.


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Check out Ivy Tech, IU, IUPUI

Just wanted to give an update! I've decided to chase Ivy Tech's program for fall 2016. I met with my adviser today and am all signed up to take my prerequisite courses. Classes start in January and the adviser said I can still apply for next fall by the April deadline, even if my classes don't end until may.

Very, very excited!

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Aw this was a sad story with a great ending (or rather a beginning!) You do good things for yourself now.


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Good luck!! You took a crappy situation and you took it in stride! You're going to do amazing.

nalie2, ADN, BSN, RN

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Hey Eric, I'm glad you got a plan and you're positive outlook is amazing to have! I have a question though. If you were already accepted into a nursing program can't you re-apply? Why are you taking prereqs again? Is it because the school credits from your previous school won't transfer for a master's program?

The nursing program I was in was at a private school. The credits may transfer to this school but I know they will not transfer to where I've decided to continue my education after my ASN. So I'm just knocking them out while I've got time.