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  1. Hello all!
    i was hoping for some feedback from you guys.
    I have been accepted to Chamberlain college of nursing in Sacramento, which I am super excited about. (Start date aug 28,2017)
    however, I am torn between whether or not to try to sac state... I have a 3.9 gpa with only a couple extra classes to finish my pre/core requisites
    i took the teas 6 months ago and got an 86 without really studying. I recently Got a 93 on the HESI exam (assessment test for chamberlain). So I know if I study more I can get 90+ percent on my second attempt for the teas.
    I don't want to give up my spot for chamberlain and have to wait another year if I don't get into sac state. i am a single mom and am ready to get started! I would be applying for sac state nursing for fall 2018.
    Those that went to sac state, what were your overall points and breakdown?
    has anybody heard any reviews about chamberlain?? It's a new school to the area so I haven't been able to find anything on how hospitals view the school, etc.
    some insight would be great!!
    Thank you guys!
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    Your thread's been moved to our Chamberlain College forum.
  4. by   arianadaye8
    Hello, I take my Hesi Exam for Chamberlain in a couple weeks...Do you have any last minute tips? I have an overall 3.7gpa but I am very nervous about taking this exam...What are the Biology/Chemistry/AP questions like? I have been using McGraw-Hill's 3 Evolve Reach Practices Tests (Hesi A2) and I am pretty intimidated by some of the questions involving parts of plants/worms/beeswax, etc...were there any questions like that on the biology part? Do you suggest any websites where they had free practice tests? Thank you.
  5. by   AspiringNP/CNM
    If you still have nursing pre requisites in your Sciences, then I would consider waiting and applying to Sac State. My initial goal was to get into Sac State and I had a 4.0 until I got into my sciences and passed Chemistry with a C and Anatomy with a B+, This dropped my GPA to a number that required I get a really high grade on my TEAS to make the minimum point cut off. My friend has a 4.0 and got an 86 on her TEAS and had 3 extra points and she still was waitlisted for the Spring. She retook the TEAS two more times and finally got above a 90 and she's hoping to apply again for January. I am really glad Chamberlain became an option, I have a Associates and I wanted to go straight for my BSN instead of through the CC's. I could have retaken a science to improve my GPA, but when all is said and done a lot of time was going by and I need to start working, so for me Chamberlain and the extra money made more sense. But if you still have sciences to take, then I would wait and maybe try for Sac State. Taking pre-reqs at Chamberlain, in my opinion, is a waste of money since you wont be starting clinical for a year anyways. Good luck! and if you stick with Chamberlain, I hope to see you around!
  6. by   Ccnstudent2019
    Great job being accepted. I am also a student at Chamberlain Sacramento. Can follow my Ingstagram @ccnstuden2019 where I share my progress and insight to students.

    You should try for sac State first. Go to Chamberlain when you exhausted all of your options. Admissions is rolling. You have 3 start dates a year