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Hi. I applied for the CVS program of CGFNS which is a requirement to be licensed in New York.

Well, everything was going well in the beginning. CGFNS and my school's transaction went well. GGFNS got all the things they asked for without any problems. They informed me that they received my transcripts and changed my status from "Waiting for Required Items" to "Ready for Review". My problem is that, its been two months and my status is still "Ready for Review" :confused:

is that normal?.. or is something wrong? Im really worried about it. Does it take that long to actually do the review? Im really tired of waiting and i feel there is nothing i cud do about it. I feel so powerless. :crying2:

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Once CGFNS receive everything that is required for CVS they usually forward it to NY BON who will then do their assessment and make their decision. Have you sent in your application to NY?

thanks for the reply. :lol2:

yes i have. i sent my application to NY 2 months ago too.

hi.. i have also applied for cvs.. 2 months? wow it is taking them longer now.. the status of my application says ready for review too.. but it has only been 3 weeks.. i was actually expecting it to change to "ready for submission" because they had my transcripts like 2 months ago.. but just got my license verification 3 weeks ago.. but when i applied for CES.. once they received the last required document, it only took them 2 1/2 weeks to issue the report.. so i guess it will be a longer wait.. keep us updated! :redpinkhe


sure, i definitely will.^^ i guess the quality of cervice for CES and CVS are diffferent. Anway, keep us updated too. :D

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CES and CVS are different. CVS is something that only works for NY and results in CGFNS getting all relevant paperwork (or try to) and then everything is forwarded to NY who will then make their own assessment on everything that is forwarded to them.

Yay! just moments ago, they just switched my status from "Ready for Review" to "Ready for Final Review". Its good to know that there is progress. I feel so much better. :lol2:

Now I'm just wondering how long this new process is gonna take. lol, the wait isn't yet over.

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Ive been waiting for 6 months since I mailed all the forms to CVS- CGFNS. I attended two schools for my BSN degree, but in CGFNS site my transcript validation form my graduated university was been waived but in my first school CGNFS is still waiting for my transcript to arrived. I called both of schols but they don't received any form from CGFNS.. Please help me my dear colleagues on what is the problem behind. I called the Professional Regulatory Commission here in the Philippines and they did received my licensed verification form but they can't send it yet coz they are still waiting for the payment for the courier service fee from CGFNS, can I pay for the courier fee so as to prevent the agony of waiting?

Henceforth, can I just download the form for the Request for Academic Records/Transcirpt and sign it and bring to CVS-CGFNS so that they can sign it and send it to CGFNS? will that suffice so that they can now process my credential evaluation? Please enlighten me about my inquiries, my application will be turning 6 months and I'm really confused on what to do first. Your answers is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. God Bless to all..

i already mailed my ny application form even though my cvs processing has just started.. is that okay? i was just worried that my application form together with the payment might got lost. thanks a lot ^^

yeah it is ok. That way, cgfns can immediately notify NY-BON after the CVS processing is done. I submitted my application form to NY even before the CVS process started and everything turned out fine :D

@zackxylon may I know how long did it take for your CVS to be processed? Three months have passed and yet my school hasn't received the request letter. Is that normal? Thanks ^^


Sorry for the late reply. The whole process for the cvs service of cgfns took me 4 1/2 months.

So, cgfns received your application and they sent out the request letterS to your school, and it's been 3 months and your school claims that they didn't receive any letters from cgfns? (just making sure. Lol) I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don't think it is normal. My case was different. It took 3 weeks for my school to receive the letters then another 2 weeks for cgfns to receive the transcrpts from my school. My school is located in the Philippines so it's half way across the world from America.

You should call up cgfns and check out if they really sent those letters to the right address. Or call your school to verify any mail from cgfns that they may have received. I know someone who was in a situation just like yours. I'll be home in 2 hours so if u like, you can send me your email address and I'll tell you what she did, then I'll answer anymore questions that u may have. I'm willing to help you out anyway. Right now I'm replying via mobile phone so it's kinda hard for me.

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