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Hi. I applied for the CVS program of CGFNS which is a requirement to be licensed in New York.

Well, everything was going well in the beginning. CGFNS and my school's transaction went well. GGFNS got all the things they asked for without any problems. They informed me that they received my transcripts and changed my status from "Waiting for Required Items" to "Ready for Review". My problem is that, its been two months and my status is still "Ready for Review" :confused:

is that normal?.. or is something wrong? Im really worried about it. Does it take that long to actually do the review? Im really tired of waiting and i feel there is nothing i cud do about it. I feel so powerless. :crying2:

@zackxylon please how long did it take CGFNS to change status from Ready for final Review to submission? I started the process of CVS December 2022 and it's taking so long , just few days ago status changed to Ready for Final Review . please enlighten me more on the length of time I need to wait till NYSED gives approval for  ATT .

Hello, I have a problem. What if I started working before I obtained my license; is this going to be a problem for CGFNS since the employment date and issue date of my license doesn't match up?

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