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  1. CGFNS CVS Help, Ready for Review Status

    @purplesaw: Sorry for the late reply. The whole process for the cvs service of cgfns took me 4 1/2 months. So, cgfns received your application and they sent out the request letterS to your school, and it's been 3 months and your school claims that ...
  2. Hello, I took my nclex on dec.30 and 2 days later quick results indicate that i passed! yay! but up until now ny-bon still hasn't posted my name with my license number on their website. should i be worried?
  3. NCLEX quick results question

    Hello, I understand that the quick results are the unofficial results of the nclex examination. Just a thought, Is it possible to have a passing unofficial results (quick results), but have an official failing results? for example, you pay for the q...
  4. CGFNS CVS Help, Ready for Review Status

    yeah it is ok. That way, cgfns can immediately notify NY-BON after the CVS processing is done. I submitted my application form to NY even before the CVS process started and everything turned out fine
  5. CGFNS CVS Help, Ready for Review Status

    Yay! just moments ago, they just switched my status from "Ready for Review" to "Ready for Final Review". Its good to know that there is progress. I feel so much better. Now I'm just wondering how long this new process is gonna take. lol, the wait i...
  6. CGFNS CVS Help, Ready for Review Status

    @xxjjccbb sure, i definitely will.^^ i guess the quality of cervice for CES and CVS are diffferent. Anway, keep us updated too.
  7. CGFNS CVS Help, Ready for Review Status

    thanks for the reply. yes i have. i sent my application to NY 2 months ago too.
  8. Hi. I applied for the CVS program of CGFNS which is a requirement to be licensed in New York. Well, everything was going well in the beginning. CGFNS and my school's transaction went well. GGFNS got all the things they asked for without any problems...