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how long does it take to see your name on ny-bon website after taking the nclex?

zackxylon zackxylon (New) New

Hello, I took my nclex on dec.30 and 2 days later quick results indicate that i passed! yay! but up until now ny-bon still hasn't posted my name with my license number on their website. should i be worried?

Congratulations darling!! I think my name was up after a week. Then again, I didn't check before then, waited until my license and registration arrived in the mail. Give it some time. NYSBON is notorious for being backed up in terms of processing things. I have a classmate that now lives and practices in FL. Her name was up there one day after her quick results came in.

Congratulations on passing. I live in NY and when I took the NCLEX it was a tuesday and my name showed up on the Thursday. But sometimes it can take a little longer. My friend took hers the same day as me and her name showed up the following week.


I know right im asking the same question. Im still waiting and its been like 3 whole weeks!


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Took me about three weeks.

ok so like for my name to appear on the BON website do I have to pay like the fee for my license first or will it appear on the BON website first?


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