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  1. Hi. Does anyone have any idea how much is the starting rate for RNs in the Watertown/Fort Drum area? I had an interview in one of the hospitals in the area but the interviewer did not bring up the salary, and neither did i. Was that bad? Though I called the HR to follow up, she said the nurse manager is just waiting for my references to be cleared and they will call me up by the end of the week and will be scheduling the physical exam. But I did not get an offer yet. Anyways, I would just like to know what to expect. The economy is so bad that I think I would accept any offer. Lol! But one institution i had an interview for was offering me 17/hr, no negotiations. Some people I had talked to said it was low. They are non profit so i guess that is why the salary is a bit low. But the hours are okay. Office hours without weekends. However, I would really want to get into a hospital so i can keep improving my skills. So anyone within the area, please enlighten me. Thank you.
  2. wow i graduated in 2008 too.. but in october.. we probably know each other.. hehe.. i'll send u a pm.. im hear in Fort Drum.. yeah, i submitted mine last December and just got their email that my application is complete by february.. Fatima responded to their request by April i think.. you can call them and ask if they received anything.. that's what i did.. i dont know why PRc took longer.. it was in May that they send my license verification to CGFNS.. and it took 8 weeks for CGFNS to finish everything.. so it was August that they send the report to NYS.. but after that it took only 4 days i think for NY to issue my license.. oh i forgot to say that i did an endorsement of my CA license.. Goodluck!
  3. yes I'm from the Philippines. Nursing is my 2nd degree. I graduated at Fatima Valenzuela. So where in NY are you? Have you started your CVS?
  4. CGFNS CVS for NYS takes 6-8 months as stated in the many posts here. mine took almost 8 months for CGFNS to submit their report to NYS. However, the time to process could really vary, depending on how your nursing school responds to the transcript request and the mailing time to and from different countries. Good luck!
  5. xxjjccbb

    CGFNS CVS Help, Ready for Review Status

    hi.. i have also applied for cvs.. 2 months? wow it is taking them longer now.. the status of my application says ready for review too.. but it has only been 3 weeks.. i was actually expecting it to change to "ready for submission" because they had my transcripts like 2 months ago.. but just got my license verification 3 weeks ago.. but when i applied for CES.. once they received the last required document, it only took them 2 1/2 weeks to issue the report.. so i guess it will be a longer wait.. keep us updated! :redpinkhe
  6. xxjjccbb

    CVS-NY missing request

    @ kristov: yeah just check your account again with cgfns and see what it says about your tor.. then just wait.. after those 6 month, im just glad that it is already at the final stages.. and the wait will be over soon.. we can now concentrate on finding a job.. i know it's hard to get a job there in our country.. and t is also difficult to land a job here esp when you are a foreign trained nurse with no experience.. hay.. i wish us luck.. hehe
  7. xxjjccbb

    CVS-NY missing request

    @kristov: i did not pay anything to my school, cgfns took care of that as it is included in their fees.. so what's the status of your trancripts as per your cgfns account? if it says received then u have nothing to worry about.. maybe they are just finalizing your report and will be sending it soon to NYSED..
  8. xxjjccbb

    CVS-NY missing request

    @kristov: i actually didnt do anything but pay the fees and call cgfns once or twice a month.. hehehe.. i also called my school to check if they recived any request from cgfns.. i called them last march and they did send the tor by the end of that month.. the prc verification took longer for me.. so now everything have been received by cgfns.. does your account say there are still some documents waiting to be received?
  9. xxjjccbb

    CVS-NY missing request

    @kristov.. hi.. i was wondering how long did it take for your status to be ready for submission? u can check online on your account if there are still some documents that are "waiting to be received".. as for my case, cgfns received my TOR in april, and the PRC verificaion just this month.. i dont know why it took longer for prc to respond.. but im glad everything have been received already.. so the status of my application is ready for review.. i guess after that review, it would be read for submission already.. it has been 6 months already.. and the waiting game is not yet over..
  10. xxjjccbb

    Fatima University- nursing school do grades matter?

    well, every school is different as much as every student is.. i do not know anything about lanting.. just heard about it here.. i went to fatima valenzuela and let me share with you my experience.. i am a 2nd courser from up, fatima does not have any entrance exams, i just presented my TOR and they evaluated it.. as a BS BIO i thought it would only take me 2 years, however, it took me 3.. but maybe this is because i did not have full load every sem.. i needed to take some 1st/2nd year subjects because we do not have those in up.. and also back then, i was told that they allowed waivers for subjects with prereqs (like you can take healthcare 1 and 2 at the same time) but i did not go that route.. anyway, there is really no special treatment for 2nd coursers, you need to go on all your scheduled duty assignments and need to sit in every exam.. including the TCAP (pre graduation exam) and the qualifying exam (screening on who they allow to take the boards) if you would like to know more, you can ask me.. and i'll try to help// goodluck!
  11. xxjjccbb

    anyone done/doing CVS for NYS??

    hi.. thanks for the reply.. so did u receive notifications that CGFNS already sent request to your school and licensing authorities? i applied end of december but i think it was just february that i received a mail from them stating that the application is complete.. so i guess that was only the time they sent out the requests.. do u remember your timeline? thanks again.. :)
  12. hi.. i know CVS for NY state takes about 6-8 months to be done.. i was just wondering if anyone has gone through this service lately or is in the process of waiting.. like me.. i have read some threads discussing their experience with the CVS but they are quite old.. i appreciate any updates from anyone.. thank you..
  13. xxjjccbb

    reference letter for foreign nurse

    thanks.. i'll try to do that.. so do the letters need to have their signatures or will it be enough if i just print their letters if i received them thru email? or should i request them to send me an actual letter through snail mail?
  14. every potential employer i found is looking for at least 2 reference letter from previous CIs or employers.. i am from the philippines and have no paid local experience here in the US.. from whom should i get these reference letters? thanks!
  15. xxjjccbb

    Filipino Nurses

    yup the board ratings is the small piece of paper with your scores in the NLE.. about the consulate in LA.. i dont think u need an appointment.. i just went there and u just have to go through their usual process.. i remembered that i did bring my cedula but they did not ask for it.. i just showed them the oath form which i already filled up wit the required picture already pasted.. and the board ratings as proof that i indeed passed the NLE.. and if i remember it right, you need to accomplish the special power of atty in triplicates.. so i also have that.. i paid $25 for the notarized oath form and another $25 for the special power of atty.. they will get all the papers and u have to pay.. then you wait around and they will call u when it's time for you to take the oath in front of the consul.. they'll give you everything you need after taking the oath.. and u can send it to the philippines, the same day.. :yeah:then can ask your brother (if he is the onin the special power of atty) to go to PRC and register for you..i think that's where the document stamps are needed as well 1x1 picture.. though im not entirely sure.. you are welcome.. glad i can hep.. im as clueless as you before.. i have to go twice to the consulate to correctly process everything.. i only brought a scanned copy of my ratings the first time and they sent me home saying i needed to bring the original.. anyway, goodluck!:heartbeat