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I am not yet even a nursing student but I think I will purse a CRNA degree. I was scanning a nursing job site and it seems that Texas has a very high pay scale. Any ideas as to why?... Read More

  1. by   vaRN
    Quote from Cherish
    Originally Posted by vaRN
    I'm headed to San Antonio in 2 months. Is it that bad?

    No its not BAD! Maybe I don't think its bad cause I'm 21 (there are a lot of things to do for young people there). I was there when I was 18-20 (I just turned 21). Yes Killeen sucks! But its a military post with nothing near it for 45 mins (waco and austin). So yes if your moving to a rural remote area like killeen then I guess you would hate it. But the cities are tight (my fav being austin). San Antonio is a military town but you won't notice it (it houses army and airforce bases within the city). Since your going there go to the Riverwalk. Oh yea Schlitterbahn (its a BIG water park) is near there. Also San Antonio has Fiesta Texas (Six Flags) and Sea World so if your bringing family theres A LOT to do there! But Austin is WAYYY better (and yes its VERY LIBERAL-have you seen the people on 6th street? and its the CAPITAL), lol sorry I'm partial to there. Hope you have fun. Best advice to give you is you will experience it on your own. I'm from the east coast and was raised there and have been to MANY states and Countries (love Germany, England, and Italy!) If your not used to different cultures you will experience a culture shock (San Antonio is like 40% hispanic maybe more). Also theres a lot of asians in Austin to. Please don't be closed minded when you go there. Its not Cowboys and Hillbillie King of the Hill talk there (not always but you will see it but not as you may expect). They do have a lot of trucks there though, lol. Hope you have fun. Its hot but hey who doesn't mind wearing shorts or a miniskirt and a tank all year round??? LOL
    Thanks for the info. My husband is Asian and speaks fluent spanish so I think he will enjoy the atmosphere that San Antonio has to offer. I believe that I got all my partying out in undergrad so that does not thrill me. I do not think that a SRNA has much time to party anyway. We are really excited about the diversity within the city. I hope I have time to enjoy San Antonio while I'm there. As far as the Cowboys and Hillbillies, been there and done that in Alabama. I am sure it is less prevalent in SA. Hope to get up to Austin at least once. I can't believe I am moving to Texas!
  2. by   BadBird
    I visited Dallas once many years ago, I loved the people and the city but I just could not take the heat and humidity, it is so oppressive. I lived in S. FL at the time and thought that was bad until I went to TX. If it wasn't for the heat and humidity I would love to live there.
  3. by   InTheBlood
    Everyone knows everything is bigger and better in Texas, no exceptions.
  4. by   TraumaMaster
    5 of the top ten fattest cities in the US were in Texas. Houston ranking number 1 I believe. So if being a CRNA does not work out for ya....there's a big need for personal trainers!!!!
  5. by   InTheBlood
    Actually, a "big need for personal trainers!!!!" indicates that people are using them. If Texas are so out of shape, then apparently the trainers aren't being used. THEREFORE, no "big need for personal trainers!!!!". SIMPLE LOGIC!!!!
  6. by   girlfromtx
    Quote from TraumaMaster
    After visiting 40 of the 50 states, I am proud to call Texas home...Texas born and raised I can honestly say I have no rednecks in my family...YeeHaw thank goodness! The "Bubba's" (I use the term affectionately ) keep us trauma lovers in business!
    Lol, I'm sad to say that I do have rednecks in my family :imbar , as was evidenced by one of our huge Good Friday get togethers, about 6 of them in my extended family. Anyways, I think a lot of people have been a little harsh on Texas, many of the generalizations have been for maybe one little area, drive an hour and it will be like a whole other world. As for the political views, right now in San Antonio, I have met more people who support Kerry, than Bush, but that's probably just in cities of over 250,000. Oh well, those who want to think of Texas as beneath them, go ahead, those of us who love it here will continue to enjoy everything that is great about it.
  7. by   azgirl
    How is age treated in Houston or TX in general? I ask because I am 57 and my husband 61. Would we be able to get work in the hospitals there? In AZ age is no problem in nursing. In CA we found it was even though we were much younger then.

    Are property taxes high in all of Houston? The houses I've looked at on the internet have extremely high taxes but are so beautiful I still want to go there.
  8. by   biscuitnic
    Texas is WONDERFUL. Friendly people, GORGEOUS sites to see (yes, even in flat, brown West Texas), the BEST music by FAR (Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Cross Canadian Ragweed-well, they're from OK, but they huge here, WILLIE NELSON.) I have yet to find anything bad in this state outside of Houston (hate that town...)
  9. by   Wolfpax
    Quote from gwk
    NOT TRUE...just moved to tx from jersey and as a per diem nurse i got a 10$ per hour pay cut and my malpractice ins tripled!!!
    You left Jersey for Texas????
    sounds crazy to me....but then again, all my relatives are in Texas, and we all know that crazy is a RELATIVE term.
  10. by   Cherish
    U ever lived in Jersey? I would of left Jersey for Osh Kosh Wisconsin!!! LOL, sorry brick city, but its dirrtty!!! dirrty jersey!!! lol (kidding).
  11. by   Wolfpax
    Youse bet I'm a Joisey girl...born and raised...it's just my family that's from Texas (Brownsville)...I did escape the city, though, and live in the cornfields, Four Seasons mean more to me than just the name of a band...can't think of living where there's no snow, regardless of the pay.
  12. by   EarthAngel
    Really?! Where?! Ive been looking high and low for something that paid a decent rate so I could get my bills paid without help of *two* roommates!!
    If pay *is* higher, its because, as mentioned, everything in Texas is bigger. Including our bills.
  13. by   teeituptom
    Quote from lovepugs21
    I love Texas. They probably pay more here, b/c Texas actually realizes how much nurses are worth.... DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS.

    I like you and your thought

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