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  1. I've been in Neuro-Trauma ICU for 8+ years and don't have my CCRN credential. Should I go ahead and take it? Will this increase my chances of acceptance to school?
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  3. by   SpongebobRN
    Quote from elizzy
    I've been in Neuro-Trauma ICU for 8+ years and don't have my CCRN credential. Should I go ahead and take it? Will this increase my chances of acceptance to school?
    WOW! 8+ years of Neuro Trauma-I bet you have some interesting stories! Yes, I would recommend it. Although I do know of several people who got in without taking the exam-they all admited to at least studying the info for the exam to assist in answering some of the questions for the interview. The cardiac and resp esp! Besides, it would add to your credentials. Good luck
  4. by   duckboy20
    I got lucky and got in without having the CCRN, but I do know it looks exceptionally well behind your name. I would highly recommend it to you. Where are you applying to?
  5. by   gravitycure

    i just finished 2 interviews within the past 2 weeks. both schools and 2 others i spoke with told me CCRN was unnessessary to become CRNA.
    the interviews were clinical, but nothing 8 plus years ICU could not handle.

    i was told to spend time doing "whaterver you do" because when school starts, "life as you know it is over."

  6. by   TraumaNurse
    I think you should go ahead and get your CCRN. It may not be "needed" for your CRNA program, but it is a great thing to do for yourself professionally. Plus, studying for it can only add to your knowledge base and help not only in your interview but in your ICU work. I know many CRNA schools may not require your CCRN, but having it does make you a stronger candidate. Everything you do to improve yourself professionally looks great to an admissions committee. My only question is, why wouldn't you get your CCRN?
  7. by   Impartial_pressure
    where you intend on applying can figure into the mix. on the other hand what could it hurt. worst case senario your out some cash, best case senerio you add amo to your arsenal.
  8. by   gwlillith
    Well...let's just say, TraumaNurse, that I'm a little bit of a procrastinator!!! I'm moving to Florida, and interested in the school in Naples! By the way, yes I've got some very interesting stories. I work in Savannah at a Level 1 trauma ctr, and must say the work is very interesting. I particularly love the Neuro ICU!, and there's something about the excitement when you get a real nice gooey trauma!!!! Sick huh????
  9. by   N-2bate
    This is my first time in this forum, but I have been reading it for some time now. It helped me get through my interviews, and thank God I was accepted to the Baylor anesthesia program in Houston. I do not have my CCRN, but I am planning on taking the test this summer before school starts. It was brought up during my interview and I told them I was going to take it. I am not sure if it played a role in my admission to the program.

    Good luck on your future plans
  10. by   loisane
    CCRN should be a plus for anyone applying. Of course, if you are an excellent candidate, you can get into school without it.

    What you do NOT want to do, is take the CCRN test, and not pass it. That WOULD hurt your chances of admission, IMHO.

    loisane crna

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