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  1. gravitycure

    Need Help

    hey, it seems no one wants to venture or post the obvious. asking someone to detail an experience is, well, how should i say it - ballsy. the ability to generate a paper on a clinical experience is a personal one. i have had a few, but am in no way going to regurgitate it here. what i do suggest is obtaining a copy of "the student journal of nurse anesthesia." it is filled with clinical experiences. good luck gc.
  2. gravitycure

    AANA Annual Convention attire

    hey - i went last year, and i'm going this year. as a poor senior srna, i plan on wearing either shorts or cargo's and a nice shirt to the lectures. a suit, no tie, to the party with a purpose. sandles out drinkin'! that's it. no tux, no tie. gc.
  3. gravitycure

    FIU class of '08 anyone?

    hey, i'm in. are you? gc.
  4. gravitycure

    Nurse Anesthesia and family?

    well athlein brings up some good points, i would not say it is all that. the first 2 semesters in my program were very busy, and i did not see the family too much. different programs are structured differently. my program is a partially front loaded program. this means a lot of didactic and a bit of clinical. as the semesters go by the scale tips and you have more clinical. now, finishing my 3rd semester, i am spending more time with my family than before. i have set up a schedule that works for my grades as well as my family. yes, i have missed b-days, and parties and all kinds of fun stuff but - i see my family q day and spend time with my son. i stay up late after he goes to bed to study. you do what you can. if anesthesiais what you want to do, you will find a way. .gc :Melody:
  5. gravitycure

    need advice please

    hi. as a current srna, having a supportive family is crutial to getting through the program. it is so difficult sometimes but the end result is worth all the sacrifice. if you love this person, you need to seek help together and work this through before you even apply to an anesthesia program. part of the interview process revolved around my home support system, and students have quit because of it. good luck. gc.
  6. gravitycure

    HI; can anyone help?

    just a thought, have you attempted to approach someone at a hospital you are working at or rotating through? the face to face approach is great for any project, or any concerns you may have. gc. :melody: good luck
  7. gravitycure

    Got in school, now anxious

    :balloons: congrats on getting in !! :Melody: hi. yeah i can relate. i do not think it set in until i moved and started the core courses the summer semester before i started the program. i was very excited at first finding out i was in, then after a while people would ask and it was much the same. i had so much to prepare between getting the call, and starting (selling a house, leaving a 7 yr job, family, baby etc...) once you start and see what you are up against the feeling will be there - i know it. good luck! .f.
  8. gravitycure

    Do you have any anesthesia helpers?

    hi yoga, that's terrible! the md should come clean and stand up for his actions. (i bet that's a different story though). i do have one q and i'm not pointing my finger or anything but i am wondering why did you let him do it? as i am new to the OR, in my 3rd semester, i wonder what prevented you from calling the chief? etiquette in the OR can be challenging in these sticky situations. i am still getting my bearings. any more info here would be helpful, a learning experience - if you do not mind sharing. thanks. .f.
  9. gravitycure

    PDA's - need advice

    hey - i have an iPAQ 4155 by HP. i use skyscape constellation and epocrates (free version) for anesthesia info. the media player is easy to use if you know windows and it sounds great with headphones. pda ran around $400, programs $150, and 1 gb card was 180, now around $100. i recommend large memory card. (you can never have too much memory) good luck. gc. :Melody:
  10. gravitycure

    SRNA baby

    hey - i'm just finishing semester 2 of 7 and my wife is 4 months pregnant. we have a 2 yr old already - and i have to say that pregnancy was very difficult. she was on bedrest for about 5 months and a T-pump (terbutaline)! boy was that fun. so far things this time are better but... gc. :Melody:
  11. gravitycure

    Just Got A Acceptance Letter

    that's awesome, I too am a srna, best thing you can do is pick up Basics of Anesthesia by stoelting & miller - aka baby miller. it's a great place to start your very long list of reading - and it's cheap compared to others. good luck. gc. :Melody:
  12. gravitycure

    SRNA's!!! How hard is it being a student!?!!

    hey - being a srna is awesome. when you work c the same preceptor for a while, they know you, you know them. it's the tits. there are a few drawbacks though... basically - wag your tail, it's what they told us first day, and we tell each other every day "wag your tail" if you can take being told how to put on a bp cuff properly - you are wagging your tail. (i've been taught twice) gc. ps. know the difference between a pile of dog poop and an srna? people step over the poop. :)
  13. gravitycure

    i need procedure references

    thanks for the suggestions. i am going to look these up. gc.
  14. gravitycure

    i need procedure references

    hi, if anyone can suggest some additional OR case references it would help my care plan organization time. i am using: Surgical Procedures by Jaffe Clinical Anesthesia by Barash Anesthesia and Coexisting Disease by Stoelting + all the others - M&M, Stoeting Pharm, Nurse Anesthestia by N&Z there are some procedures that are just not in these books. i have found a few web sites, nothing professional though, all lay terms for patients. thanks - gc. :Melody:
  15. gravitycure

    What's going to keep you motivated????

    hey - i too started this semester and with final less than 2 weeks away i can say the motivation really kicked in once the clinical rotation began. there is NOTHING like sitting @ the head of the table bringing a person to the edge of life sustaining them there, then bringing them back to baseline. it's the ultimate in micromanaging a patient. i loved being a nurse, i Really love being a SRNA - there is no other job - its the tits! gc.
  16. gravitycure

    Biochemistry and Physics

    hey - as far as the prereq - i would not worry too much. you must have @ least general chem and college allegbra. the only math you "really" need is the calculations you learned for drug calculations. as far as the classes to prepare - chem - whether it's organic or bio physics you will get in the program. there are differences for classes in and outside of the cirriculum. the physics you will take will be geared toward anesthesia. the chem though - there is an educational DVD set out by a group of people called "the standard deviants" they took a new approach to lectures. i found it @ the school library and watched it over and over. it helped a ton. i did not have any o-chem. good luck gc.