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gwlillith specializes in Trauma, ER, ICU~CCRN,CNRN.

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  1. One of our previous patients developed heel pressure ulcers. The family is now suing our facility. My name is on the chart as I assessed and documented the ulcers when they were discovered by my LPN. (I am the facility's charge nurse 2 nights/week) N...
  2. Interesting interview question

    I have an interview coming up and was emailed some forms including the list of interview questions, but this one has me a little stumped. I can't help feeling that there is definitely some wrong answers here! :) How would you interpret/answer this: W...
  3. Brian Short News

    This is just...sad. May they all RIP
  4. Nurse Paralegal

    I was poking around on some job sites and found an ad for a Nurse paralegal. Would this fall in line with a Legal Nurse Consultant or is it just an ad for a nurse/secretary. It is for an established lawfirm here. Here's a brief summary from the ad: ...
  5. Difference between UM and Cm Positions

    Hey all! Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I've been researching some telecomm jobs at an insurance company so I can leave my hospital job and work from home. Can anyone tell me the difference between a Utilization Management Consult...
  6. Experienced RN at age 50; No jobs?

    Actually, after reviewing the application I submitted I didn't see anywhere where birthdate was required and I didn't add it to my resume. I guess I'm just nervous after hitting the big 5-0 that I might be washed up. I think I've read too many articl...
  7. Work From Home

    I saw a few for Aetna while job searching. Can you tell me a little more about what you do and the training process? I've been interested in this for awhile myself.
  8. Experienced RN at age 50; No jobs?

    Hey all! I've been an RN over 20 years with the majority in the ICU. I have CCRN and CNRN certifications and have ASN degree. So far all my applications to other hospitals have been met with "another applicant has filled the position" I have applied ...
  9. Hey there! I'm interested in possibly switching jobs. I'm currently at St. Joe's, but I live in Surprise. I sure would like to cut down on the drive time. It can be a bit tedious after a long night shift LOL Any nurses out there got a comment about t...
  10. Anyone in either one of these programs RN to BSN know the difference in cost and completion. I'm trying to decide between the two since Dignity Health will assist with tuition costs. I can't quite figure out what the total cost would be since they mi...
  11. I truly hope they organize a union there and set a precedence for the rest of Florida hospitals! I've worked in many hospitals across Florida and I have to say many have horrendous working conditions and are just plain dangerous!
  12. Videotaping yearly competencies

    This year during our yearly competencies, our facility has announced that our new "lab" will be a simulated experience. We will be videotaped as we perform our skill tasks and it will be reviewed. My first question is: Is this legal? We're informed...
  13. West Palm Beach Area

    Anyone have some good places to apply for this 18 years in Critical Care Nurse? I graduated Palm Beach Comm College and did my clinicals in several hospitals in the area, but haven't been back since I graduated in '91 I'm visiting some friends there...
  14. Would like to relocate closer to Home..

    I agree with your statement. I spent a few years doing registry and traveled to 3 different hospitals within the system. Was definately a new dimension on each shift :) Since I haven't lived in Phoenix very long, and am not really impressed what I've...
  15. Would like to relocate closer to Home..

    Hey all! I live in Surprise and am currently working at Barrow's/St Joe's. Alot of changes going on with "the joe" that I don't think is going to get better. But frankly, I'm tired of the long drive! I work nightshift and after almost 5 years here I'...