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gwlillith specializes in Trauma, ER, ICU~CCRN,CNRN.

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  1. One of our previous patients developed heel pressure ulcers. The family is now suing our facility. My name is on the chart as I assessed and documented the ulcers when they were discovered by my LPN. (I am the facility's charge nurse 2 nights/week) Now I've been told the facility's lawyers want to ask me some questions. Some advice here would be great. Should I contact a lawyer? Anyone else have this experience?
  2. gwlillith

    Interesting interview question

    I have an interview coming up and was emailed some forms including the list of interview questions, but this one has me a little stumped. I can't help feeling that there is definitely some wrong answers here! :) How would you interpret/answer this: What are some of the things you wish to avoid in your next job?
  3. gwlillith

    Brian Short News

    This is just...sad. May they all RIP
  4. Hey all! Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I've been researching some telecomm jobs at an insurance company so I can leave my hospital job and work from home. Can anyone tell me the difference between a Utilization Management Consultant and Care Management Consultant? The job descriptions sound similar, but not the same. If you know what I mean. Anyone out there that currently work from home can give me some insight? Much appreciated.
  5. gwlillith

    Experienced RN at age 50; No jobs?

    Actually, after reviewing the application I submitted I didn't see anywhere where birthdate was required and I didn't add it to my resume. I guess I'm just nervous after hitting the big 5-0 that I might be washed up. I think I've read too many articles. LOL That actually puts my mind more at ease. What bothers me tho, is that there are 2 of the same open positions in that department and I applied for one of them. After I read their rejection email I saw that they are still posted. Seems like it gets harder the more experience you have these days.
  6. gwlillith

    Work From Home

    I saw a few for Aetna while job searching. Can you tell me a little more about what you do and the training process? I've been interested in this for awhile myself.
  7. Hey all! I've been an RN over 20 years with the majority in the ICU. I have CCRN and CNRN certifications and have ASN degree. So far all my applications to other hospitals have been met with "another applicant has filled the position" I have applied for. Could this be because of my age? Is it possible? I'd love to get your take on this :)
  8. Anyone in either one of these programs RN to BSN know the difference in cost and completion. I'm trying to decide between the two since Dignity Health will assist with tuition costs. I can't quite figure out what the total cost would be since they might seem pretty close in comparison. I'm not too crazy about the Religious classes Grand Canyon requires. Would love some input :)
  9. gwlillith

    Videotaping yearly competencies

    This year during our yearly competencies, our facility has announced that our new "lab" will be a simulated experience. We will be videotaped as we perform our skill tasks and it will be reviewed. My first question is: Is this legal? We're informed there is no "opt out" option for consent for this and I'm told our legal dept says it is perfectly legal. Secondly: We're told this is being done across the country and it's no big deal. Can anyone confirm this? I've been at this for almost 20 years in critical care and finding it a little disconcerting.
  10. gwlillith

    Can't get a job :(

    You might have to be a little more aggressive hon! If you really want that job, then might I suggest...lying!!! Well, at least to get thru to the NM...I don't think it was any of the secretary's business why you are calling the NM. Seriously, I would make something up!
  11. gwlillith

    Can't get a job :(

    Was just discussing this with another nurse tonight. She's relocating and has over 18years experience in Neuro ICU and can't get passed the snooty HR rep on the phone at the facilities she's applied at. The best thing to do is find out who the NM is and go directly to her/him. I'm thinking the HR departments are doling out the qualified applicants with a thimble to keep within the "budgets", and the NM's aren't getting the applicant's resumes like they should! Good Luck
  12. gwlillith

    Grand Canyon University RN-BSN

    Do they allow you to take the whole course online? I've been wanting to get more information from them, but been evading their calls since I expressed interest in it last year. They've been pretty persistent altho I'm still considering it. :)
  13. gwlillith

    Nurses Fired Over Cell Phone Photos Of Patient

    :grn: Stupid...Stupid..Stupid!
  14. gwlillith

    What are the best ways/tips to study for cnrn?

    Took that awful thing a little over a year ago and passed it. I spent the entire night before the test reading the Hickey book and got the test in front of me and was fuming!! The best advice I could give you is know your anatomy. This test focuses on alot of rehabiliation questions as well. Bowel and bladder training for quads, etc... There were quite a few pediatric questions related to diseases, do the best you can with that. That's about all I can remember right now and good luck guys! :)
  15. I just read that article. I have to disagree with title "nursing shortage though". But it's true, in their haste to not waste money on training viable candidates, they're only hurting themselves in the interim by indeed, 'throwing them to the wolves'.
  16. gwlillith

    Who's Hiring New Grads?

    Exactly...the thing is we haven't slowed down as expected during the holidays. We were busy straight through with an increase in our census. Overtime is encouraged in our unit due to some staff leaving and we're always short staffed. However, "incidental" overtime is being severely monitored. So our reports are short and sweet and you'd better explain yourself (in writing) why you're clocking out late. Our facility did remove our "critical need staffing" shift differential, which allowed nurses to place yourself on call with extra pay if you're called in. But so far, not too much has changed on the clinical end of things. I think that makes me worry just a little.