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Has anyone been asked to speak with their facility's attorneys?


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One of our previous patients developed heel pressure ulcers. The family is now suing our facility. My name is on the chart as I assessed and documented the ulcers when they were discovered by my LPN. (I am the facility's charge nurse 2 nights/week) Now I've been told the facility's lawyers want to ask me some questions. Some advice here would be great.

Should I contact a lawyer?

Anyone else have this experience?

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Consult an attorney first. 


Generally, never talk to a lawyer without your own lawyer involved.  Even in a situation where their lawyer probably wants to talk because he's defending you also, always get your own lawyer just in case they try to make you take the fall.


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If it were me here, YES!  At minimum, I'd be contacting my own insurance malpractice coverage just for gen'l info on how to proceed.

Even if this might just be a fact-finding informational meeting, I know that a facility's attorneys represent the FACILITY, and NOT me. And with that caveat, I can see the potential for them to be looking out for their own best interests, whereby I could easily become the 'sacrificial lamb' if push came to shove.

OP - I see where you have some good strong RN experience. I'm sure you've heard all the theories & horror stories. And I don't mean to be telling you things you may already know. But I'd be erring on the safe side. Which is why you're also asking, I think. 

Good luck & watch out for yourself.