How Many CRNAs Per Hospital?

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    I was wondeirng how many CRNAs work in one hospital?
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  3. by   Whispera
    Depends on the hospital. One I'm familiar with (a rather large hospital) doesn't have any...
  4. by   otiscokat
    In Louisville, Ky. all of our hospitals use CRNAs. I work in a hospital with 14 O.R.s, plus 2 litho suites, and we have CRNAs in all rooms until 7p.m.. We also have L & D which uses CRNAs. Even the small hospital that I work at, prn, has a CRNA with only 2 O.R.s. It differs around the country.
  5. by   FA to CRNA2b
    My hospital has 65 CRNAs and 55 MDAs.
  6. by   SummerGarden
    none in mine. my hospital and the medical groups do not hire crnas. the irony is many of the new graduate males locally run to nursing school to become one. my guess is that anesthesiologist play a big role in their not being hired here. thus, i suspect that they will be moving away and not returning after reaching their goal.
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    try talking to the hospitals in your area. ask them the same question. see if the market is saturated... so many people want to be crnas and not every hospital or facility takes them, so maybe there is a problem with supply and demand similar to new grad rns?
  7. by   Skip219
    One of my clinical sites has 60 CRNA and approx 25-30 MDAs. The practice where I hope to be hired has 25 CRNA and approx 15 MDA. There are 4 schools in the state where I live and don't think the market is oversaturated.

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