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Born and raised in Southern California, just moved out to Colorado with my fiancee. He is majoring in astrophysics and I am working towards getting into nursing school. My long term goal is CRNA school- for now, taking things 1 day at a time :)

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  1. Hey Y'all, I would love to do an internship/externship over the summer. I will have completed my 3rd semester in a BSN program by the start of summer 2010. I'm looking for paid, unpaid, anywhere in the U.S... In this job market, I would just love t...
  2. Pressure Ulcer, CHF, & UTI r/t Foley

    Hello, I have a pt. who was just told by her doc that they can't do anymore for her heart, she has to leave our med/surg floor and go to hospice. My question is: Does anyone have any ideas on how to help a pressure ulcer (coccyx region) heal and a...
  3. DNP vs. CRNA School

    I am 4 days deep into my BSN program. Today we had a guest speaker come and speak with us about the history and philosophy behind the health care profession. The lecture turned into one of present times and the guest speaker focused on the importan...
  4. University of Northern Colorado??

    I just found out that I got into University of Northern Colorado's summer 2009 program. I was waitlisted and got a call back later. I was number 4 on the waitlist and the only reason a spot opened up for me was because someone who was accepted into ...
  5. How Many CRNAs Per Hospital?

    Hello, I was wondeirng how many CRNAs work in one hospital?
  6. How Did You Get Into Boston College?

    Hi All, I have just been accepted into a BSN program and it prompted me to think ahead about what I would like to do in the future with my nursing degree. I am leaning toward applying to CRNA school after a few years of ICU work and I heard Boston C...
  7. i am a pre-nursing student finishing up my prerequisites before i start actual nursing school this summer. part of the prerequisites for the school i hope to start this summer is being a cna. the cnaschool i am attending has 3 clinical days at the en...
  8. University of Northern Colorado

    Hi! I am applying to UNC's nursing program for Fall 2009. I was wondering if anyone has any info on the scool? Does anyone know how hard it is to get into? Thanks!
  9. Do CRNA schools accept credits from online courses???

    Really. Thas unusual from what I have heard. I have been to several community colleges in Colorado, Kansas, San Diego, and Orange County, and NONE of the Official Transcripts stated that they were online classes. To make sure they didn't say "online"...
  10. Do CRNA schools accept credits from online courses???

    I too would like to continue on to CRNA school in the future and have taken online classes. I asked different Universities if they would accept schools with fully online class and they all did as long as the school was accredited. Also, I do know tha...
  11. Question About Becoming a CNA

    Hi, I have a question about becoming a CNA. I was wondering if anyone knew how to become a CNA besides through a Junior College. I am considered an out-of-state student right now and to pay for CNA classes through the local JC would run me around 5k....
  12. Pay at Planned Parenthood

    Hi there,:nuke: I'm a prenursing student, so I can't be too helpful, but I would like to share with you what I know about Planned Parenthood. First of all I think it is wonderful. I don't have insurance and I go there for my annual exams, birth contr...
  13. Anatomy is pretty darn hard.

    I totally agree with you.. I studyied about 20+ hours per week by myself, with a tutor, and in study groups and got B's on the "bubble in section" and F's on the lab portion. Because the section was not equally divided, I got an F on EVERY exam! The...
  14. Internship?

    Hi All- I have heard about hospitals and schools offereing new nurses the oppurtunity of an internship. My question is: do you get paid the same amount in an internship as you would working normally? Also, what are the benefits of doing one? Thanks!
  15. anatomy/Physiology Online? Anywhere?

    For anyone who reads this with the same question, I have received information about Barton County Community College. They offer multiple fully-online courses (includuing A/P 1) for $68 per hour/unit for out of state tuition. When the class shows up o...