Did you become a CCRN before CRNA?

  1. Did you become a CCRN before CRNA? If so, how long did you work as a CCRN? Or did you do the minimum critical care requirement to get accepted into the MSA or CRNA program?

    Thank You
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  3. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I don't think you have to but I think that it will look better if you have the CCRN before you apply for a CRNA program. You should check the program requirements to see what each program requires.

  4. by   skipaway
    The Nurse Anesthesia Profession wants people who are intelligent, go-getters, type A personalities who go above and beyond and don't just do the "minimum" to get in. Be proud of yourself and do the most to become a CRNA.
    As I am on a selection panel for a major program in the Southeast, IMHO, the CCRN is essential as is experience as an ICU nurse. Those who apply with only 1 year and those who apply with less then 1 year with the expectation that they'll have the magic "1year" by start date, are very, very, very low on my list of appropriate candidates to our profession. As the Real estate people say it's all "location, location, location," I say, as a CRNA it's all "experience, experience, experience."

    Good luck
  5. by   foraneman
    No, I did not become a CCRN first. Of course I also only worked in an ICU for 9 months prior to going to CRNA school....20 years ago!
  6. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from foraneman
    No, I did not become a CCRN first. Of course I also only worked in an ICU for 9 months prior to going to CRNA school....20 years ago!
    I don't think it counts if you trained with open drop ether... Just kidding..

    Yes, most people get their CCRN before applying. Most of my classmates had their CCRN/CEN or both. The CCRN test is fairly simple compared to most tests in anesthesia school. I was also ACLS/PALS/BLS instructor before I applied. It is not about meeting the minimum. It is about what is going to set your application apart from every other applicant that is applying, and you can bet the majority of them are going to have their CCRN and at least a 2-3yrs of ICU experience.
  7. by   foraneman
    Quote from wtbcrna
    I don't think it counts if you trained with open drop ether... Just kidding...
    Hey, we had to take manual BP's, with a cuff and stethoscope every 5 min. SaO2 was in all the rooms but EtCO2 was not and there was no mass. spec. Propofol did not exist but we had plenty of Ethrane and Halothane! AND: Anectine, Quelecin, Wyamine, Tracrium, Curare, Pavulon, Trandate and more now non-existent formulations. Pentathol came either in the same syringe mix setup it does today or, more commonly in a glass IV bottle to be mixed for multiple syringe fills. Sux gtts were all the rage. I graduated in 1989 and am now 44 years old. The changes in anesthesia (especially pharmacology) in that short time is extraordinary! though I never used a copper kettle machine, I do have one in my house as an antique!!!

    We also got paid $400 per month to go to school, tuition free with all books supplied.
  8. by   CRNAzzle
    I didn't have the CCRN but I had tons of other stellar stats such as all pre-medical science courses with A's and above including 2 years of ICU experience at a very large metro hospital.
  9. by   studyingcrna
    I sure did, and it was the best thing I ever did. I feel waaay ahead of my current classmates who have not taken it yet. The trauma life center I used to work for before I started CRNA school, is moving to make it a req for all TLC nurses, and I think it's a great idea.
  10. by   Gerlich8
    I completely agree with the previous posts. Having your CCRN before you apply for CRNA school makes you more attractive to the schools and it also alowed me to become an RN III and receive a pay raise at my hospital. Totaly worth the study time and taking the test.
  11. by   CRNA2007
    Never had CCRN but I did have my CEN. I had every instructor cert as well, ACLS, TNCC, PALS, NRP, PHTLS.
  12. by   ucan2ccrn
    Took and passed the CCRN today. I applied to CRNA school last year with what I thought were great stats (ACLS, PALS Instructor, Masters courses in patho, research ect...) but only received an interview by one school and did not get into that one. However, that slight disapointment pushed me to study harder to obtain certifcation. Now this year I will apply and see what happens. To all that is debating on rather to take the test, GO FOR IT!
  13. by   FockerRN
    Well, I will throw my 2 cents in. I did not have my CCRN when accepted but I would have taken the test if I had not gotten in when I did. I had 10 months experience when I interviewed and was accepted at both schools that I applied to. However, I will say that I think that having the CCRN would be a benefit in the application process, it is another feather in your cap to set you apart from other candidates.

    The reason I got in, I believe, with little experience and no CCRN was that I had other things on my application that set me apart from other candidates. So, I have to say even if I didn't have either more experience is better as is the CCRN.

    You can do it without the CCRN, some schools require it and it is probably better overall to have it.
  14. by   ucan2ccrn
    If you dont mind me asking, what were your stats that got you in?