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  1. skipaway

    How do you address your patients?

    I ask them what they liked to be called. As a CRNA, when waking up a patient, hearing the name they usually go by makes it easier. My pet peeve is when a collegue walks up to an obviously elderly patient and says, "Hey young man or hey young lady" I'm so and so....It makes me cringe and I want to smack them.
  2. skipaway

    Intubation and Sedation

    Rapid Sequence induction is giving an hypnotic such as Pentothal, Propofol, Etomidate, Ketamine, Brevital followed immediately with Succinylcholine or a large dose of a non-depolarizer (Rocuronium is the most common). Cricoid pressure is sometimes but not always done and no ventilation of the patient is done until the endotracheal tube is in correct position. Curare is no longer produced in the US. Modified RSI is a misnomer and just means that cricoid is used while ventilation is given with an ambu bag.
  3. skipaway

    Intubation and Sedation

    Etomidate's duration of action is much shorter than 20-30 min. It is actually 3-10 minutes. Sedation should be quickly started after intubation of a critically ill patient. The OP has a right to be concerned.
  4. skipaway

    help from nurses- breast & thorax assessment

    I'm confused, are they not teaching you in practicum how to do this assessment? Do you have a physical assessment book? Have you not practiced the questions to ask and the physical aspects seen in the assessment of the breast/thorax? Do they give you no information but expect you to be tested on it?
  5. skipaway

    Metropolitan Medical Center currently hiring staff nurses

    Last time I looked, Manila was still in the Philippines.
  6. skipaway

    Nurses: Do the patients often try to talk to you about politics?

    I have to laugh b/c I had a "heated" discussion with a patient about this same topic. btw: I did not start it. One thing I said to him was that people are dying b/c they can't get the care they need. He told me all they had to do was go to their ER and the care would be free and given to them. I told him that sure, if they have colon cancer, perf their bowel and go to the ER, we'd fix their bowel but they certainly wouldn't get free chemo to help cure themselves. That if they came to the ER with headache and found to have a B/P of 240/110, that sure we'd give them medicine to bring their B/P down, but they wouldn't get free drugs for life. They need insurance for that and that's what HCR is all about. He continued on for awhile, and I told him that despite our differences, I'd still take good care of him.
  7. I find I have the "dropsies" when I'm on my period....maybe holding a baby wouldn't be a good idea for me. Old wives tale...period.
  8. skipaway

    CRNAs and bathroom breaks...

    It's sold at the AANA bookstore. http://www.aana.com/books.aspx
  9. I know you want constructive advise, but I have to say...what an unsupporting jerk. Ask him how is it his business what you make? Ask him, has he had a life in his hands today? Then I'd tell him to take a hike.
  10. skipaway

    Failed CRNA Boards... Help!!

    Loveanesthesia has the best response to the OP and I totally agree with using alternate sources of study along with the Valley review.
  11. skipaway

    CRNA continuing education options

    Anesthesia Abstracts Earn 24 CEUs/year IPGE Anesthesia meetings Northwest Anesthesia Seminars Encore Symposiums Nurse Anesthesia Faculty Associates Seminars Coast to Coast Current Reviews
  12. skipaway

    cardiac profusionists

    No offense, but it's "perfusionist". Ok that over with, I work with them in the OR and it's a good field. However, the potential for less invasive procedures on the heart in the near future may drop the demand for perfusionists. Cardiac surgeons are finding some of their business taken by Cardiologists who are doing more cardiac stent procedures etc... Good luck with whatever you decide.
  13. Cheese is actually very good for you....in moderation.
  14. skipaway


    Maybe your friend requested the doctor to write this order b/c they don't want a lot of visitors and they don't want to be the ones to limit their friends. The doctor takes the hit for the patient.
  15. Jessica, this statement of yours alone shows me that you still have a little more research to do regarding the role of a CRNA. Who do you think "designates the anesthetic given"? Keep researching our profession, you'll see what I mean, soon.