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Just wanted to kick this one off for all those who are applying so that we can all lean on one another. So nervous!

I thought I had a relatively solid application (years of volunteer experience, good grades, clinical experience outside of school, glowing letters of rec), but after my rejection from UCLA last week, I'm not so sure anymore. ?

Got a referral this time around, but the referral told me to still apply to other facilities because it's fairly competitive at Cedars.

Good luck, everyone!!

Is the application up? I don’t see it yet.

Not yet, but I'm staying up with you, sister 

Still waiting ?? Sucks that even me as a current employer in the ER they don’t tell me what time it opens at ?

Has anyone applied anywhere else? I had my first interview for City of Hope New Grad Program last Friday. And another interview for Valley Presb. New Grad Program this coming Friday. 

Applied for UCLA OR New Grad a few weeks back, Keck is opening back up May 31st. 

Congrats on the interviews, Kevin!

It’s open now guys!

Ahhh just applied! Super nervous. Good luck to everyone!

Good luck, Athena and Kevin! I'm so excited/nervous. 

Alright, back to bed. Hahahaha. 


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just applied as well! 


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I tried to apply but cannot find the New Grad job. It just opened today right?  Have they taken it down already?


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Yeah a friend of mine said she couldn’t access it around 11am 

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