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  1. Just wanted to kick this one off for all those who are applying so that we can all lean on one another. So nervous! I thought I had a relatively solid application (years of volunteer experience, good grades, clinical experience outside of school, glowing letters of rec), but after my rejection from UCLA last week, I'm not so sure anymore. 😕 Got a referral this time around, but the referral told me to still apply to other facilities because it's fairly competitive at Cedars. Good luck, everyone!!
  2. babpul

    EL-MSN at Charles Drew University, Los Angeles

    While I sincerely appreciate the update that the university has been off warning status as of 10/4/2017, are there any updates on the quality of the program from non-employees of the university that are recent grads in the workforce? Thank you!
  3. babpul

    Charles Drew University Reviews

    I was actually planning on going to the Discovery Day tomorrow, but this post freaked me out a bit. The fact that they were on warning up until a handful of months ago has given me cold feet. The thing is, I've worked really hard for every A I've earned and I'm scared of throwing all that hard work away for a school whose recent past has threatened its accreditation. Why were its most recent NCLEX scores so low, and what has CDU done to address that? Are there any recent graduates of CDU who are not employees of the school that give give us a little more clarity on what went wrong or had gotten misconstrued? How are the employment prospects for CDU grads as of late? What were the nitty gritty details, and how has CDU alleviated them, or are there any suggestions on how to adjust the way we engage with the program to make the most out of it? I mean, it's tempting to apply since this is fairly close to home and I've completed pretty much all the prerequisites for the entry level masters program -- but with its private school tuition, recent warning status, and terrible online reviews, I can't help but feel uneasy. Are there any non-employees that have some more insight? On Yelp, the more recent reviews are 5-star and positive, but it's worth noting that they appear to be CDU employees, or are students with 5-star reviews like, "The soup is delicious!" or "Sure, this school has its flaws, but what school doesn't?" without elaborating what its specific flaws or specific strengths are, or how their employment prospects have been post-graduation. All I see are red and orange flags, and it's hard to discern if they are coming from disgruntled students who could not keep up with the coursework, or from legit students that have invested their souls, only to be let down by incompetence and lack of supportive resources. Anyone with a green flag that isn't an employee and has specific details on what would make CDU work for future nurses with ambition, long-term goals, and drive? If they don't offer externships, what do they specifically offer that would give their future grads an edge in finding employment or applying to NP programs in the future? Thank you!