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Please let me know what your base pay is in your part of the country. I live in TN and where I work our base pay is 13.00/hr. And if you are a CVICU nurse, do you get paid more for what you can do.... Read More

  1. by   BadBird
    OMG, now I know why I work agency $40-45.00/hr.
  2. by   inSANE
    Wouldn't it be nice if we all banded together? This is a big problem, we don't stand up for ourselves as a whole. We are more important in our patients care, NOT physicians. WE are the eyes and the ears, recognizing catastrophies before they happen and so why do we make sooooo much less? I'm sorry you got me on a rant! Now, I need a fountain Diet Coke :angryfire
    I started nursing in 1988 at 12.44/hr. Now think about how long ago that was and compare it to new grad rates now.....IT SUCKS.
    They can't do it without us folks. (yike, don't anyone call me Norma Rae either)
    Oh, my pay rate now is 25.23/hr plus second shift differential pay and four hours each night of night shift differential. I get an extra one dollar and hour to be a shift leader. YIPPEEEE!
    Okay, back to bed....
    Smooches to all. (oh work in an ED, no diff in pay to work the specialty units here)
  3. by   nimbex
    bad bird, does that include housing or health bene's ? We pay agency 45-65 dollars per hour. I'm amazed that they put so much back in the nurses pocket! Good for you!!!!!
  4. by   Bridges
    In Memphis, TN @ THE Regional Medical Center the base salary without shift & weekend differential is $19.52. Shift diff is $2.00 for 3-11 & $3.00 11-7. Weekend diff is 15% of base. This is for a new graduate in ICU or anywhere.
  5. by   Estella
    I'm an RN in a CCU in Dayton, OH with three years of experience, in the same unit. Right now, I'm making $18.05 per hour, NO benfits, part time, two 12-hour shifts per week. Next week my status will change to "resource" (prn help) with a contract to work two 12-hour shifts per week for $28.00 per hour, NO benfits. To me, nothing changes, but I get paid more, and I only have to work one major and one minor holiday a year instead of two majors and two minors.
    What gives?
  6. by   gambroRN
    I live in Florida (notoriously low pay scale). Just got offered a job in the PCCU at a community hospital (RN with no cardiac experience) - $24/hr with a 3000 sign on bonus. It seems RN pay varies greatly. Good Luck!!!!
  7. by   mikebike
    I started working in Tuscaloosa, AL as a new graduate RN BSN a little over a year ago in a cardiac surgical unit. My starting pay was 15.00 an hour with 2.00 evening and 2.50 night shift differential. We had a hospital wide RN raise about 4 months after I started working of $1 extra/hr, bringing starting RN pay to 16.00/hr. In addition, differential pay increased 50 cents for both evening and night. I was told the hospital was trying to bring our pay scale in line with hospitals in Birmingham, AL. I have heard from friends that new RNs start out around 17.00/hr in Birmingham with comparable differential pay to what I get.
  8. by   lee1
    In central NJ the starting pay is anywhere from $21/hr-$26/hr. Housing cost also vary according to area. North/central NJ expensive. South NJ less expensive. Central where I am average house at least (not new) $300,000, taxes about $6000
    Experienced nurses with certification are being paid about $33-35 for hospital employees and much higher for agency/travelers
  9. by   andrewsgranny
    trauma: I am from Tn. too
    I'm an LPN x 11yrs. work in a Dr.'s office Mon-Fri. no weekends/holidays. I'm the only nurse. We have a staff of 4 which includes the Dr. I make 13.00/hr. The pay sucks. But the stress is a minimum. I read these posts and think MAN! I need to move. But the extra money isnt enough for me to move away from my family. I guess you could say I am too comfortable with my pay, my job and my life to make any changes. Its not always a money thing that makes people happy. Granted it helps. But I'll just stay here for now.
  10. by   jlc
    I work in small 120 bed hospital just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. The starting pay is $16.30 up to $20.54. This is for all RN's no matter where you work in the hospital. I think in reviewing everybody's posting it show's that nurses need to unite. JLC
  11. by   xantha31669

    I guess I will have it pretty good. I graduate in June and the lowest paying job around here starts at 20.50 base for days and ranges up to 22.50. The hospital where I am probably going to work is starting at 21.00 plus 25% on weekday nights and 50% on weekend nights. The cost of living is a little higher though.

    We have been just making it on my husbands pay so it will be all gravy!
  12. by   nicudaynurse
    I am from North Texas and as a new grad four and a half years ago I was making around $14.00/hr. (base pay) and my current job I am making $21.04/hr. and I am about to start a new job in a few weeks and I will be making $23.85/hr., but I will only be working three 12 hr. shifts per week and I will be payed for 72/pay period. That 8 hrs. sure does make a difference in your paycheck. The new grads. are starting at $18.00 (base pay). I did get a pretty good sign on bonus and an employee referred me to the hospital and she is getting a HUGE bonus. The cost of living is great down here in Texas!!
  13. by   Little One2
    the base pay where I work starts at 21.75. Every year your pay increases according to the union contract. I just received the nicest surprise ever. In December, I was supposed to get an increase to my pay. The payroll did not increase it. I spoke to payroll and explained that they needed to adjust my pay before I left my old employer. I took my proof of experience to my new employer. At first they paid me the basic pay. I had to speak to them about that. I gave them a copy of my last pay stub. I have just received my second pay from my new employer. Instead of increasing one level, they increased my pay be two levels. Which was great.

    I'm almost at the top of the pay scale.