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Please let me know what your base pay is in your part of the country. I live in TN and where I work our base pay is 13.00/hr. And if you are a CVICU nurse, do you get paid more for what you can do.... Read More

  1. by   New2CVICU
    I have an associate's degree in nursing w/ acls certification. I have been a nurse for 6 years. I am starting a critical care internship program soon to work in the hospital's cvicu. Base pay: $20.15/hr.
  2. by   Lisa Lisa RN
    I live in the southeast suburbs of Chicago, near the Indiana border. I'm currently in LTC-facility w/approx 150 residents. My $$ is 19.50/hr. + 1.00/hr diff for house supervisor duties. Our facility does NOT offer shift diff. for 3-11s, 11-7s or w/e shifts. We get time and a half for ALL hours over 8 hours/day..NOT 40 hrs/wk. which is great! Full-timers do NOT get any holiday pay..but if we work is DOUBLE time and if we work 16hrs (double shift)--we get double time and a half..which adds up nicely!! Our cost of living in Cook County Illinois (chicago) is very high..our gasoline is about 1.58/gal. Our retail taxes are 9.25% on everything - including groceries..we jump to Indiana for purchases..NO tax on groceries, and 5% on ALL other purchases... It is so very interesting to see how the salaries differ through the country... The facilities in Indiana, which borders my area, pay much less than in Illinois...d/t cost of living..... Agencies and hospital registries in Illinois are paying near 50 and just over 50 bucks/hr for midnite/evening/weekend shifts in critical care areas. Just saw an ad for 50 bucks an hour at Little Company of Mary in Evergreen Park, IL... Move here and aleviate our shortage !!! Keep Smiling !! :-)
  3. by   puddlesrn
    There were some questions about VA nurses. I work in a 200 bed hospital in their 12 bed CCU unit. i have my ADN. graduated in 95 w/ base pay 11.07 for Med Surg. The last 6 years i have worked CCU. I am now making 16.83 an hour. I am PALS certified and ACLS Instructor Certified. I get no extra pay for this. We get no speciatly pay for working CCU because we are told that all the units are speciatly. We get no extra pay for coming in when busy unless we go over 40 hrs then time and 1/2. no on call pay, no BSN CCRN extra pay. Our night shift diff is 1.00. So just imagine how i feel.
  4. by   RNIAM
    As a ICU nurse with 2 years of experience. Here in Rural Maine we are currently being pain 19.32. Plus DOUBLETIME for all overtime picked up.. Picking up one shift can make the differnce in the paycheck and helps to get through the vacation crunch.:kiss
  5. by   zambezi
    As a new graduate RN, BSN working in the CCU, our base pay is 21 an hour for days with a four dollar night differential and almost 2 dollar weekend differential. Nurses are worth every penny that the hospital pays out...
  6. by   sbic56
    Hey, I too, work in rural Maine and get double time for OT! Could it be we work at the same place or is this double time pay a Maine thing?
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  7. by   nimbex
    IN NC we start new grads at 17.00 / hr. (fayetteville). I have been there 5 years, now make 25.75 per hour. $1 for CCU, $2 for CVICU extra per hour, I do both. from 3-11 shift diff is $3.75 per hour, 11-7am is $4.25 per hour. Weekends all times are $4.oo per hour. We get double time on holidays plus a year end bonus based on profits (800.00 this year, everyone gets it). ICU's get 1,000.00 every six months bonus.

    More inportant is a CEO and COO that are Nursing oriented and are making tremendous changes to retain nurses... My job satisfaction is 100%. We keep getting pay raises to keep us competitive and our anual raise is 0-5% but is increasing to 0-7%

    You may have to start out low, but cost of living is low, my 170,000. house has $1,700.00 in taxes per year only. I came from NY where the same taxes would be close to $5,000. tax rate is 6.5%.

    Love where i am and it is only getting better

    FYI myrtle beach, looked at the facility and have a friend who works there.... There is a reason a hospital is FORCED to pay an 8,000.00 sign on bonus... think about that... the grass is not always greener... there is desperation behind the dollar amount.

  8. by   RNIAM
    I work @ MRH in northern Maine. How about you. I am aware of EMMC were paying DT for OT for a while then they cried the poor house...As IF...
    How soon they forget the trenches once they climb that ladder..:imbar :imbar
  9. by   sbic56
    Going to PM you...
  10. by   Marty225
    Rhode Island :$18.00 for new grad. Pm diff 1.25/hr Night diff $2.00/hr Charge pay:1.25/hr Nothing extra for critical care.
  11. by   London88
    Southern New Jersey Hospital. Night shift gets $30 dollars an hour base pay with $4 differential. Medical benefits are paid for 100% by employer. Usually, a $150 bonus for twelve hours of overtime, plus time and a half. The usual tuition reimbursement etc. What are the catches? None! Hospital makes a good profit. However, these rates do not reflect the going rates for most Southern New Jersey hospitals.
  12. by   military spouse
    I was reading some of the posts as I've thought about changing fields. I'm currently working LTC (great hours) and make $21/hr. Switching to Hopice at $23.75 with mileage at 31.5 cents. Was working in Alabama at $14/hour. Cost of living in El Paso is very low with new, nice houses under $100,000. Property taxes are high, though.
  13. by   lindagio
    In georgia as a new graduate specializing in pediatrics the pay is 18.64 an hour plus $5 more an hour for weekends and I am not too sure about how much more the shift differencial is. The average starting salary is $18 an hour. I hope I can get more eventually. How about Massachusetts? Does anyone know about their pay scale. My sister in law is telling me about 10 thousand dollar sign on bonuses and 24 dollars an hour to start. I know they are unionized there. Is there a big differnce with unions? Georgia does not have a nurse union. I am unfamiliar with unions. Canada sounds good.
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