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  1. New2CVICU

    What part of the country uses RNFA's

    Virginia uses RNFA's.
  2. New2CVICU

    Tolerance not Ignorance.

    I walked to the front of the unit this morning and saw another nurse drawing blood without wearing gloves and just shook my head... again. I reached the front desk in time to see the secretary finish a phone call and hang up. She proceeded to tell me that the lab had just called asking for the name of the nurse who refused to draw stat labs on an HIV + patient saying she had no sympathy for people who go out and gets AIDS. This was the same nurse I saw drawing the blood without gloves.
  3. New2CVICU

    Ready to be freaked out!

    Please excuse my misspelling of insult(ed).
  4. New2CVICU

    Ready to be freaked out!

    Shezam, You are being far less polite with me than I was in any of my conversations with the orientee. I feel the tone of your letter is hostile. Does that make me resentful. Again, No. Do you like that I am saying this, probably not. But we are all entitled to our feelings and opinions. I would also like to ask why, it appears, are you taking this subject so personally due to the fact that you attempted to personally insulted me whether you meant to offend or not.
  5. New2CVICU

    Ready to be freaked out!

    Why do you all insist that she was learning under duress or that she was being lambasted with questions? Part of the problem was that she felt I was taking too long with our discussions on ways to treat the patient. Thereby taking her away from patient care. See the original post. I suspect her primary preceptor just took over the patient because she was hitting a brick wall too. How else could you explain not knowing how to shoot outputs halfway through orientation?
  6. New2CVICU

    Racial discrimination in Nursing....

    Getting back to the original post. I worked agency in a hospital were I was the odd (wo)man out. Except for 1 nurse who was from India all the others were Phillipino. I worked my tail off with what I thought were the crappy assignments. "So what" I thought. That's the way it goes when you work agency or assignments. That's the only thing that came to mind for me. What little down time I had I took the first steps to get to know the staff and develop a rapport. I'm sorry your friend had such a bad experience. It's gotta be tough being so far away from home. Maybe she could take some first steps to befriending her co-workers. She doesn't need to bare her soul but maybe let them know her as a person. Not just the agency nurse.
  7. New2CVICU

    Ready to be freaked out!

    I guess it's all in perception. Although I am suprised to see that these responses have been less than supportive I am suprised to see how harsh some of them have been. You all have an opinion on how or how not the situation should have been handled. I totally respect that. Should I be resentful that you are not telling me what I want to hear? No. You all are giving me your perspectives which I am open to. For me to be resentful shows that I am not open to suggestion or that I think I know more than you. That's where the real ego lies.
  8. New2CVICU

    Ready to be freaked out!

    Actually, yes we all had a nice sit down and that's when those three points came out that I mentioned. How else would I know?
  9. New2CVICU

    Ready to be freaked out!

    I started the day by asking the nurse what her comfort level was with different aspects of recovery. I asked her if she would be open to suggetion and taking direction in those areas. She said she would be. I used gentle reminders and was met with resistence. I later found out three things. One: the Unit Manager told me that hemodynamics weren't the main focus at this point in orientation. Two: her primary preceptor has been doing a large part of her work for her out of impatience thereby taking away her learning experiences. Three: this nurse felt resentful towards me because I knew more about something than she did.
  10. New2CVICU

    Ready to be freaked out!

    While orienting a 20 yr veteran with a CCRN on her badge I asked the following situations happened: (she had been in orientation approx. 10 days with other staff) 1. Monitor set up incorrectly. 2. Bed plug in was getting more priority than PA cath plug in. 3. Pt. not assessed for 35 min. ( I did it after about 5 min.) 4. Did not pick up on chest tube leak or slurping sound coming from insertion site. 5. Attmepted to take off dressing with bare hands to apply vaseline gauze. 6. Was asked what could be done with SVR of 460. (?) 7. Was asked what SVR is and what is acceptable. (?) 8. Was asked what actually happens during wedge. (?) Ladies and Gents I could go on but what till you hear what happened next. I was called into the Unit Managers office and told that this nurse felt uncomfortable with me because I put her on the spot too many times with all these questions. Therefore I took her away from patient care. These 8 things took no more than 15 minutes to address. About the same time as the 3 personal calls she made.
  11. I did a travel assignment at Sarasota Memorial. I love it there too. Doctor's Hodpital is also in Sarasota. I don't know anything about it though. Bradenton is about 40 minutes away. They have two hospitals there. No state tax. Plenty of sunshine. Get movin' girl.
  12. New2CVICU

    CVICU open visitation

    In my CVIVU we have expanded our visitation from 30 minutes to 1 hour four times a day. The only "open" visitation is for clergy.
  13. New2CVICU

    CCRN Review

    I found her website at http://www.greatnurses.com. Good luck!
  14. New2CVICU

    Some things make NO sense!

    Well actually she did ask me if I wanted her to write an order for a chest x-ray which is already on the pre-printed DOS (day of surgery orders) for the next a.m. And she told me to leave my cordis in for transfer to step-down. Well it gets pulled and that order can be found in the POD #2 pre-printed orders. I asked her to not tell me what she thinks should be done and to just write the order. (That way I can call the MD and question it. Don't put me on the hook.)
  15. New2CVICU

    Some things make NO sense!

    I will get together with the other nurses and put together a plan of action. I also did not mean to offend any LPN's out there. My biggest gripe is that she has no idea what we do. I have worked with LPN's in CV recovery that have way more experience than I do and I respect them. I mean, put yourself in our shoes.
  16. New2CVICU

    Some things make NO sense!

    Hi every one. Am I being too sensitive or does this really make no sense? Our hospital has a 7 month old Open-Heart program. All of our CVICU nurses have at least 5 years critical care experience. We have a serious morale problem with tripled assignments. Only 7 nurses staff this program. No one from management, administration or supervision will cross-train to back us up when we are short. Now the surgeon hires an LPN with no ICU experience to round for him and keep tabs on us. She even writes his progress notes based on our assessments. Doesn't no a Swan from a damn duck, isn't familiar with the surgeons orders and asks us to point out which drips are hanging as she stands there and looks at them "just so I know what I'am looking at." I swear she said that today. I don't know wether to laugh or cry. HELP!

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