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Cc page...But I won't give up!


130 questions,4 hours, didn't took a break...lots of SATA,throw me math which I really hate!.... You never know what the nclex will give to you always surprise! The hard part I study hard really hard almost suicide.there's a reason for everything that's why it happen. Thanks God still I won't give up still here standing and Glorify and Praise you! Maybe next time...

morningstarRN, RN

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Take a little time for yourself prior to diving back into studying. It sounds like you gave it your all and perhaps a new study plan is in order when you decide to retest. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are in my thoughts/prayers.

Give yourself a big hug.


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Awwwww((((Hugs))) that's the attitude and spirit "Never give up" on your dreams...and i agree take some time maybe a week or so and then get a new study plan, by the time you get your report, you are already studying and preparing. I'am here if i can help with anything...let me know

I can understand what you feel but it's happy to see you that you won't give up. Don't worry next time definitely you gonna pass. Believe in God believe in yourself . Just relax your self for couple of days then start again . No one can't stop you just think that you are the best . ((hugs))))

goodluck on the next one.


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Better luck next time. Keep the faith because through Christ all things are possible.


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So sorry about that....!

I LOVE your attitude. I wish you nothing but the best

so sorry abt dat ...

so sorry dear but the courage n spirit u have is great i really appreciate your ability...thats very good ,though i can understand how u feel .....come on u can do it next time....take care n all the best....

Good Luck and Sorry to hear about your experience. Keep working hard at the end its all worth it.

God Bless

Thanks! i know God not done for me yet...there's always hope, if he did not answer the prayers just wait and we will see.

Thanks not right time yet! if God did not answer our prayers doesnt mean "NO" it can be "WAIT" '',)

THAT'S THE SPIRIT! I too, failed my exam for the 3rd time last Tuesday. Am I going to give up, have negative thoughts, doubt myself and question myself if nursing is for me, feel discouraged, etc? NOPE! We didn't get through nursing school for nothing, right!? We're almost there!! =D

Sorry to hear about your result.But i liked your spirit very much ..with this spirit you can pass next time ..that's for sure !!

That is a great attitude to have. Just keep at it and dont give up. We have all read of people taking the exam 3, 4, 5 times and finally passing. If you can, get a hold of this book by Kaplan, "Nclex Rn strategies for the registered nursing licensing exam". It helped me sooo much before i took the nclex. And I bought a very old edition 08-09 off of ebay. It teaches you how to read the questions and how to answer the ones you absolutely dont know the answer to.

Good luck to you!