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Anyone here used CBD oil for joint pain during monitoring? My knees has been killing me, so wondering if someone had use the oil and not have a positive on the drug screen. I don't want to take it orally, just some oil to see if it will help the pain. Thank you!

Recall recently reading a post about someone who tested positive after use. You have no idea how much trace THC is in the product. I would not advise using it. Why be worrying all the time?

catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

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Don’t. Do. It. Period. I have a friend I met through this hellscape who’s very reason for being in it was related to the use of that item for the same thing. The poor thing has been put through the wringer by them. She had already been rock stable on some mental health issues/medications for many many years, was absolutely compliant with her medications, was a highly skilled critical care nurse and by the time they were done screwing with her, she was a complete mess and is no longer working and her license is in limbo. The quack evaluators refused to allow her to continue the meds she’d been on for years because some of them were ‘addictive’ even though that was not even remotely her issue.
So yeah, don’t even think about it.....


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OK I won’t do it . Thx you all!

I have used arnica gel for foot pain it helped alot and never showed up on urine tests even though one ingredient is alcohol.

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Some people will tell you that it doesnt detect during a drug screen however many more people say that it cant be guaranteed.

IMO not worth the risk