What is it like to work from home? Telephonic CM

  1. I am interviewing for a telephonic case management for UHC. I am trying to figure out if working at home (pros, cons, etc)? Any info would be much appreciated!!

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  3. by   mtngrl
    Con: no coworkers to yak to at lunch (u might see them at meetings a few times a year?)
    Pro: You can throw laundry in between calls.
  4. by   tmg4me
    [FONT=arial black]Hi,

    I currently work at home as a UR/CM at an insurance company.

    No travel time, dealing with traffic
    Save on Gas
    No Wear and tear on car
    Quiet, better focus for me, along with better quality of work.

    Miss socializing with Co-worker, but I do use IM everyday to stay in touch and we still get together every once in a while.

    So for me, working from home is the best for me.

    Good luck to you

  5. by   EllbellRN
    I worked at home as a Telephonic Case Manager for UHC for 5 years and absolutely loved it. It was challenging, rewarding, and a little boring at times, but I loved it. I only left because I had a baby and wasn't planning on going back full time. If you like to be around people at work, it can feel very isolating to be at home. However, all the members on your team work from home, so you build "cyber" work relationships and feel very supported.

    I will tell you even though it's "work from home", you are expected to be at your desk working and your activity and production is tracked and monitored and there are certain metrics you must meet. You will feel chained to a desk even though you are working from home. At times you won't feel like a nurse, so you have to be open to working in a "business model" and you have to be comfortable with a dual role of nurse and insurance company employee. My first job was for a national Insurance Company, so it was a perfect fit for me.

    If you want more specifics please feel free to email me at blhudak@gmail.com.

    Good luck.
  6. by   aag009
    How many years experience do you need to get a job like that?
  7. by   ivyleaf
    I have/had 5 years of RN experience when I was offered the job
  8. by   nurseprnRN
    pros: i saved a huge amount of money on nylons and dry cleaning working from home. i get to sleep in with my sweetie until i want to get up. i can wear whatever i want. it doesn't matter if i get a big zit on the end of my nose. i can schedule dentist, gyn, vet, and kid-related appts prn. i can do an prn.:d i have delightful telephone "coffee breaks" with colleagues all over the country. i can get up and fill the bird feeders prn. i can be nice on the phone at the same time i envision wrapping my hands around someone's neck and pushing him underwater. i meet people from far away all the time so i get to hear different ways of doing things. if it's slow i can do a crossword and no supervisor is gonna walk by and frown about it.

    cons: that damn refrigerator calls me, beckons, seduces me every time i leave my office. i get almost no exercise because i am at my desk all day. (but i could, i know. i'm working on that.) sometimes i'd like a colleague at the next desk to chat with. my cat pees under my desk when she gets peeved.

    hmm. that's about it. pros win, hands down.
  9. by   SGAVIN
    I am about to go back to working at the hospital after working from home for almost 8 years. It was great most of the time, especially since my kids needed me because my Husband works all the time. Most of that time I was either a field CM, or a combination field/telephonic BUT the last 2 years I have been only telephonic, full time and now have a herniated disc in my neck from computer work (make sure you get a computer screen and don't work off of a laptop).I don't need the health insurance, because we get it through my husband. So I'm going back to the hospital as perdiem and I'm just going to work three 8 hour day shifts a week, no week ends, excellent pay and it's only 5 mins from my house, if I couldn't do that I probabaly would not go back to shift work because i have become very spoiled working from home. I am a social person and feel very isolated and miss the people and patient care. You get a lot of freedom working from home, but also you always know you have work right there to do. I think you should try it, because if you don't you will never know if you would like it or not. Good Luck!
  10. by   aag009
    What company did you work for?
  11. by   Katie82
    I had the opportunity to work from home as a CM with a Medicaid MCO, but I soon learned to split my time between home and office, because there were some interactions with co-workers I preferred to have face-to-face. I would have loved to work from home in my last job, but am currently living in an area that has not yet come into the telecommuting age. We are planning to move back north, where I hope to find a part-time job working from home...
  12. by   MintCondition
    please tell me how flexible this position is? i am interviewing with humana and nervous about taking job if offered because i dont want to be micromanaged and stuck at the desk all day in my office. does this job allow you the flexibility of going out to lunch or md appt if needed. can you do your charting at different times of the day? or are you tracked by your every move at the computer. pls let me know how detailed it is and what your typicla day at work is. my position is for a complex case management position, they did tell me if i was not offered that position i could be offered a position in utilization review at home as well. thanks for any input, i would private mssage you but i am new to site so they say i have to have certain amount of posts before i can do that LOL thanks for any info you may have to encourage me about this position
  13. by   staffdevelopmentRN
    I'm considering a position like this and am very interested in the same things as MintCondition. Will be watching this thread to see what others say!
  14. by   beeker
    Are any of you still working in this area?