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Hello everyone, If anyone could either share the company they work with or know about that does field case management in the home, I would so appreciate it! I'm wanting to get going on with my goal... Read More

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    I have been an RN for 16+ years, and an acute care case manager for 3 years now. I left my previous employer to enter a case management position after waiting for an internal opening for 3 years. Breaking into this field offers some interesting challenges.

    #1 Everyone wants experience. A strong CM can have an unbelievable financial impact. Your clinical skills are a critical component that can get your foot in the door. Unfortunately, you may have to look at 2nd or even 3rd "tier" employers to get in with no experience. Take the low ball offer to get in the door, and within a few years worlds of opportunity open to you.

    #2 Many payers (insurance companies) are moving to home based work as a mechanism of keeping wages down - they can offer less financial compensation as there is a more flexible schedule and no commute time.

    #3 Network. Nothing works better. Go to every employer CEU offering, job fair, etc. to meet people.

    #4 Plan on investing in a very serious educational experience. I also happen to have a degree in liberal arts. This has served me well, as the more well rounded your education is the more likely you are to be able to find a reference point to "break the ice" with a chronic personality disorder. You will have to deal with this disorder on a daily basis. Gotta love it. It's all in the challenge. My next target is an MBA-HCA. The sky is the limit. You are the only limiting factor, and only if you allow yourself to be.

    #5 Never, ever give up. You can do this. Just look at all the challenges you have already learned to face with a smile.

    Good Luck - also try posting your resume on Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com. I have never done this, but coworkers who have found themselves flooded with inquiries and offers.
    You sound very educated on this position. I have been and RN for 6 years now and have been traveling for 1 year. Recently I was offered a case management position and very interested in doing it. The thing is I dont know the community im working in and what it has to offer. Can you really do CM work without knowing the area?
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    Yes, you can be successful in case management and not know the area. It will take some effort on your part, but it is doable. You will have to network, go to social services, state agencies and most of these people will lead you to other resources.
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    I FINALLY got a job in CM!!! Now I have some advise for others who are wanting in this field......

    1. Apply to all area businesses (unless you want a discharge planning/inpatient setting) that do case management. Examples being insurance companies, and businesses that are specifically for this field.

    2. Have at least 3 years Med/Surg experience! I have a friend who went strait into ICU after graduation (10 years ago!) and did not get any Med/Surg experience. She was told during her interview that case managers need Med/Surg or generalist background to have a broad baseline of knowledge. And I have found that Med/Surg nursing and case management go 'hand in hand'.

    3. Have patience. It seems as though everyone wants into this field, but there are people who leave positions due to moving/retiring/wanting part time employment, etc.

    Best of luck to everyone! It is worth the wait and the effort involved to be a part of this wonderful area of nursing!

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    congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!
    where did you wind up?
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    Congratulations!! I went into Case Management 9 months after becoming a nurse and have never looked back.
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    Quote from dadusmom
    Congratulations!! I went into Case Management 9 months after becoming a nurse and have never looked back.
    Good for you..u go girl!!!
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    Home care is also a good place to get field case management experience and if you have hospital bedside experience, home care agencies will snap you up. If you can't work full time, there is always per-diem evening/weekend work available as a start. Home care, however, can be extremely grueling because of the demand to perform clincial procedures (in-home IV therapy, catheter management, dressing changes, blood draws, etc etc) in addition to case managing patients.

    There are a number of national and small local case management companies around. I worked for Genex for about a year (didn't like the company but the people were great & I now work with 2 former colleagues from there in hospital case management!) and for a regional company for about 4 years.

    You might also want to check out the RN Case Manager website -- http://www.rncasemanager.com/case_ma...ated_links.asp There is a wealth of information there. There is also a section for independent case managers to work on a contract basis.

    Good Luck!