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Hi there! I'm a new grad, a few months out, currently working on a med/surg floor, and I'm trying to decide on a specialty to go into. It seems like there are a lot of job listings for case... Read More

  1. by   RNbellashadow
    I like case management. It is still very stressful, but I no longer worry about possibly making a mistake that could cost a patient his or her life. I have learned a lot about insurance issues/length of stay/readmission risk. I still have patient contact. It is a very interesting specialty. I am not bored.
  2. by   NurseMegBSNRN
    I know this post was pulled from the grave here but I had to say in regards to the comments about at least 3-5 years of hospital experience that it is NOT necessary. I had about a year and a few months of med-surg and then went into utilization review and my mental health is so much better for it. Med Surg wasn't my jam to begin with but I enjoy computers, I like having a steady schedule, and I absolutely knew that at some point I'd want to leave bedside. So, just because you don't have 3-5 years it doesn't mean you can't look at opportunities out there. It never, ever, ever, hurts to apply for a job you think you'd like more than what you're doing now. What matters is how YOU feel. There are draw backs to leaving the hospital with only a year or so experience but nursing is awesome in that you can change and still have the same degree.
  3. by   Hildog
    I'm glad to finally hear from someone who was able to break into CM with a little over a year experience in the hospital. I'm approaching the one year mark at my hospital and I'm planning on leaving the bedside as soon as I find something better. I'm really glad I stumbled upon your post. You have given me so much hope!