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  1. RNbellashadow

    How do you like case management nursing?

    I like case management. It is still very stressful, but I no longer worry about possibly making a mistake that could cost a patient his or her life. I have learned a lot about insurance issues/length of stay/readmission risk. I still have patient contact. It is a very interesting specialty. I am not bored.
  2. Hi. If you're a hospital RN Case Manager, would you please share how your hospital handles case management needs on the weekends. Do RN Case Managers work rotating weekends? Do you have weekend warriors that work the weekends? Are priorities different on the weekends? What are typical case loads on the weekends? Thank you!
  3. RNbellashadow

    Is Hospice nursing "easier"?

    I think it is very hard. You have very sick patients with a lot of medical needs. The family issues can be very difficult. In some hospices, you will be transfusing blood, running IVs, drawing labs, sinking NG tubes, etc.... You will be calling docs for orders. There is lots of patient/family education.
  4. RNbellashadow

    Looking for an employer that offers good health insurance

    Is anybody else bothered by the fact that nurses, who risk their own health -- and backs -- caring for sick people are rewarded with horrible insurance???? It really bothers me.
  5. RNbellashadow

    Looking for an employer that offers good health insurance

  6. RNbellashadow

    Looking for an employer that offers good health insurance

    I'd like a plan that pays for most of a doctor visit when I"m sick. I don't mind a copay.... just not a multi-thousand dollar deductible! I'm more than willing to stay within a network. I just want insurance to cover most of an injury or illness. It would be nice if it covered two dental cleanings per year. I don't smoke and lead a healthy lifestyle. I don't think that is asking too much.... Thanks!
  7. Hi, I am willing to switch jobs for GOOD HEALTH INSURANCE. I don't have any medical issues but I do want good health insurance. (My employer offers a terrible, very high deductible plan). I am an RN. Can anybody suggest employers in Ohio that offer nurses excellent health insurance? Thank you!
  8. RNbellashadow

    I'M Done..I'm ready to walk away from Nursing

    I often feel this way, too.