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  1. BumblebeeinNC

    Humana Interview process question

    UPDATE: I was offered the Telephonic Nurse 2 position today! I accepted and will start May 6th!
  2. BumblebeeinNC

    Humana Interview process question

    I have gone through 2 steps of the Humana interview process- automated phone interview, group face to face via web cam interview. I received an email today to do a Humana Care Manager Virtual Job Experience (VJE). Can anyone tell me what happens during the VJE? Any tips or suggestions? Thank you!
  3. BumblebeeinNC

    Which Agency for Certification?

    Which testing agency is recognized in the US for Case Management certification? I have seen ANCC American nurses credentialing center and CCMCertification.org.
  4. BumblebeeinNC

    Lab Coord Interview Questions?

    I have been called back for a short teaching presentation for the position of Experiential Lab Coordinator with a University in my area. This position would be a good step to get my foot in the door to the world of academia and allow me to complete my MSN/DNP and eventually move into a Prof position. I have completed a phone interview with standard questions such as why I would like to represent the university, an example of a recent difficult situation, how I handle stressful situations, what is my sim lab experience, 3 things important to me in my job, short term goals and long term goals. The teaching presentation is on starting an IV with more questions from the committee afterward. What sort of questions should I expect?
  5. BumblebeeinNC

    School nurse interview questions and answers

    Thank you 100kids!
  6. BumblebeeinNC

    Interview Questions

    Thanks schooldistrictnurse!! I'll take all of that input into consideration. I was doing some "research" last night and discovered that this local middle school has 17 job postings right now! Eek! We have a brand new HS that opened last year that only has 6 postings. Should I be concerned? Thanks for any input and I will let you know how my interview goes. Bumblebee.
  7. BumblebeeinNC

    Long Lost Dream Or Not?

    JenElizabethRN, you mentioned "consider emergency planning prior to ambulance arrival and no iv lines but sometimes there are". Would you explain or give examples of some of those circumstances? I am interviewing this week for a school RN position and I'm trying to be prepared to discuss as many types of scenarios as I can. I work in peds currently. Thank you! BumbleBee
  8. BumblebeeinNC

    Interview Questions

    I have an interview this week for a school nurse position and I'm answering questions posted from the beginning of this thread to get some feedback on my answers. Please let me know how I can improve on answers. Thanks! What would you do- If a student came to you and thought she was pregnant (middle school) *My answer - I would work with the student and school counselor to help the student work through her feelings. I don't believe in abortion so I would have to be careful in an interview situation to show that I would support the students emotional needs. If a student wanted a bandaid for her wrist but was obviously hiding the rest of her arm from you. *My answer- I would ask where the wrist injury came from and ask if there were any other injuries on her arm. If she said no, I would let the student know that if she needed to talk about anything that I would be glad to listen. This could be cutting or physical abuse by another person. If a student presented with a headache after a collision with another student in gym *My answer- I would monitor the student for S&S of concussion for 30 minutes. If no signs, I would call parent and let them know what happened and send a list of s&s of concussion to watch for at home. If a student presented with a few signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis but did not have a known allergy *My answer- this depends on if I have a standing order to give Benadryl. If so and applicable, I would give Benadryl and continue to monitor patient for further s&s. I would send a note home to let parent know what occurred and that patient may need to be allergy tested. Where do you draw the line on calling a parent or not calling. *My answer- any injury with the head, face or neck I would call. This is kind of vague. I think it would be a case by case basis. Why would a nurse need to sit in on a committee with a teacher, principal, social worker and student having academic issues? *My answer- Student may have a disorder that affects learning that may require medicine or some sort of therapy. How familiar are you with diabetes regarding pumps, injections, carb counting? *My answer- I am not very familiar with pumps. I give injections regularly in the hospital. I am somewhat familiar with carb counting. I know that you enter carbs into the pump and it dispenses insulin to cover if needed. Have you ever had to deal with an irate parent? *My answer- unfortunately, yes. Typically the parents are upset with "the system" in situations. It's my job to first listen to the parents and not give excuses. Next, I would try and find a solution to the problem. If I was not able, I would definitely find out who could help them solve their issue. Ok schooldistrictnurse, how did I do?! What do I need to improve on and would YOU hire me? Thank you for your input!
  9. BumblebeeinNC

    Newbie here!

    Thank you! I was thinking the question was directed toward school disasters (like those on the news lately ) or weather disasters and I had no clue how to respond to those subjects.
  10. BumblebeeinNC

    Newbie here!

    nurseshajwani, I have an interview this week for a school nurse position and I wondered if you would mind sharing how you answered the above questions, specifically how would you plan and prepare for emergencies? I am currently on a Peds unit at a hospital and school nursing is totally new to me. Thank you for any insight! BumbleBeeinNC
  11. BumblebeeinNC

    Interview Questions

    Leahrn1, I have an interview this week for a school nurse position and I wondered if you would mind sharing how you would have answered the above questions? I'm trying to soak up as much info as I can before my interview. I am currently in Peds at a hospital and school nursing is totally new to me! Thank you, BumbleBeeinNC
  12. BumblebeeinNC

    School nurse interview questions and answers

    Bell1962, I have an interview this week for a school nurse position and I wondered if you would share your answers to the questions that you've posted? I'm trying to get all of the insight that I can before my interview! I work in pediatrics and school nursing is totally new to me. Thank you! BumblebeeinNC
  13. BumblebeeinNC

    Can I shadow before applying in Peds?

    I will be graduating with my ADN in May and I have been thinking about Pediatrics but I would like to shadow a nurse in my local Pediatric Hospital first. We did a rotation in OB but got no Peds experience at all. Is this something that prospective applicants are allowed to do? Who should I contact about shadowing? Advice, suggestions? Thanks!
  14. BumblebeeinNC

    How do I get an Interview for CNA w/ Online Applications?

    Thank you so much NCPhoenix for your advice! I will definitely try to put some of those suggestions into action for myself. I will keep you posted.
  15. I will be starting my second year of an RN to BSN program this fall and I am certified as a CNA II right now. All of my nursing friends have told me that I need to have some work experience as a CNA to get hired as an RN in a hospital. Not that it's required, but it helps with experience and also to get my foot in the door at a facility. The problem I'm having is all that hospitals in my area (suburbs of Charlotte, NC) have online applications. I have been submitting applications but have not received any calls for an interview. Is there a different way to go about the application process? What would happen if I take my resume to the HR department of a hospital to try and put a face with a name? Will someone take my resume? Will they chat with me at all to see what I'm looking for? Any suggestions? Thanks!