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Hi there! I'm a new grad, a few months out, currently working on a med/surg floor, and I'm trying to decide on a specialty to go into. It seems like there are a lot of job listings for case... Read More

  1. by   mlang
    I am looking into case management. I have been a NICU nurse for 18 months and the stress is too much. Hoping this will be better
  2. by   Murse901
    Quote from mlang
    I am looking into case management. I have been a NICU nurse for 18 months and the stress is too much. Hoping this will be better
    As mentioned just prior, you don't need to consider case management without several years' experience. 18 months' experience is simply not enough. Not to mention, with such a specialized niche (NICU), you will be at a serious disadvantage.

    What's your long-term goal? What are your interests? Do you enjoy peds? Would it be less stressful to work in an outpatient clinic or pediatrician's office?
  3. by   exnavygirl-RN
    That sounds wonderful!
  4. by   ErinRN2012
    Quote from momswann
    I took a CM job in April and I absolutely love it. Now, I realize it's not for everyone. If you love the clinical aspect of nursing, you may not like CM. I like it much better than floor nursing. I feel that I make a difference in patient's lives, without the stress of floor nursing under bad conditions. When I'm with a patient, (either telephonically or in person), I'm with that person. There are not call bells, phones, physicians, aides, etc, tugging on my coat tails. I work with a medicaid population and do everything from discharge stablization to chronic disease management. My population goes from peds to geri. Love it.
    I am happy to see this comment. I am starting a CM position in August, and from what I can gather it is similar to yours. This makes me even more excited about this job! Thanks!!
  5. by   Katie82
    Had a similar job and loved it. But I don't think I would have been as effective as I was with only two years of experience. CMs have to not only have to possess a great deal of insight into people on a personal/professional level, they have to know a little bit about everything. I transitioned from bedside to Community Health to Disease Management. Hated DM, but my employer provided me with an awesome education that I never would have received if I had stayed in the hospital. From there I moved to CM and have never looked back. Can't think of a better way to help patients.
  6. by   PHorvath
    Did it twice with a 3 year break in between. Hated it the first time and yup hated it when I tried it the second time. GREAT pay! And I was good as a CM, it is a rewarding job, BUT micromanaging by the hospitals I worked for, working overtime (for a salary position) and the STRESS made me run from case management..two times.
  7. by   Katie82
    Have never worked case management at the hospital level. I have worked with many hospital CMs and felt a sense that they were not totally happy because of the restrictions placed by admin. I worked with the Medicaid/Medicare population, the first time with an insurance company that managed Medicaid in my state, then with a State Agency that worked directly with Medicaid. Both very rewarding. Worked very closely with medical practices, hospitals and community resources. Very rewarding. Try again, especially if you were good at it. Just stay away from hospital politics.
  8. by   OneRN2
    I totally understand...
    Quote from phorvath
    did it twice with a 3 year break in between. Hated it the first time and yup hated it when i tried it the second time. Great pay! And i was good as a cm, it is a rewarding job, but micromanaging by the hospitals i worked for, working overtime (for a salary position) and the stress made me run from case management..two times.
  9. by   embradsmom
    I have been working as a case manager in acute rehab. In a few weeks I am returning to floor nursing and I can hardly wait. I don't feel like a nurse in this case management role. I am more like a social worker/secretary. Asked to solve unsolvable problems,tell patients that they probably have to go to a nursing home etc. Just to name a few issues. Doctors and even fellow nurses tell patients I can "get them disability, get certain DME covered which is not covered by insurance, and fax stuff for them even though anyone can utilize the fax. Oh, don't get me started on therapy. Our therapist are wonderful but, tel ME that the patient will need 24/7 (which is usually not possible), tell ME the patient is not making progress and I have to be the one to talk with the family and patient with the bad news. Then the family and patient gets mad at ME because the therapist has been telling them how good they are doing. I am the designated bad guy. I was a floor nurse for six years and I was never this stressed out or unhappy with my job as with CM
  10. by   RN-2010
    I like Case Management. A lot of nurses are unaware of this field outside of the hospital setting
  11. by   RNintheBay
    Exactly. Years ago, as a new grad I would never think of being a RN case manager. Nowadays, it's all I know. Despite restrictions due to the need for tightened resource management, it's a different type of nursing that some may learn to enjoy. I have worked from more satelite/liaison type cm to acute inpatient - both are very different and cannot say the work is boring. It can be very challenging, but healthcare and our patients are the same.
  12. by   creber62
    Do not case manage for the military!! VERY complicated. Talk about alphabet soup. LIMDU, PEB, SOP, and so forth and so on and on!!!!
  13. by   creber62
    And a lot of Nurses have no idea about Home Health Care Case Management