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Care Plan Hell

i've gotten through the first 2 pages of my very first care plan and thought it wasn't so bad. now i'm on pharm and i'm stuck and i have a feeling it is going to get worse when i get to the lab value section and have to explain every lab value the patient has and that i have never even heard of before.

i have spent hours on the drugs, but my problem is that the textbooks and software i was given does not have the information my clinical instructor is mandating we put down so i have to look online and it hasn't exactly been successful. i'm hoping someone here may have a solution that won't break the bank because although the stuff was "given" to me i paid for it through tuition and it costs several hundred dollars for the books and software that all of us get.

here is what i need: drug name, class, physiological action, side effects, interactions, [color=#ee82ee]nursing interventions, specific lab values, and antidote

the pink ones are the ones i have trouble with most although some of the drug guides don't explain the drug interactions either. ideas?


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Do you have Saunder's Nursing Drug Book? I have the 2012 version and I can find all of that information listed.

I'm also able to find that information in Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses (though some drugs appear to not have antidotes listed).

If there is no antidote, just put no antidote listed. All nursing drug guides should have the information you're looking for. Don't write everything down. Just try to ferret out what the main considerations with the drug are.

I do not have Saunders we have Pharmacology for Nursing Care 7th Ed, but I will look at it and I'll check out Davis's as well. Thank you!

Edit: Also I'll try to abbreviate stuff and focus more on the key considerations with the drug.

Thank you Esme. Those are supercool!

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I also had a IV drug guide and I also used Drugs.com when information was not in the drug book

I just got a 2011 IV drug guide for $1! If I end up refering to it a lot, I'll get the 2012.

In case they might be useful to you, these are some of the sites that my pharm instructor suggested (some of which I've continued to use):

remember that all these refs will not lose their usefulness when your diploma is handed to you. get in the habit of using them, because, well, you always will.

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at this level, now that you have acquired all the information plus links necessary to research whatever is required from your nursing program, make sure you pass on the great info: you have received from all-nurses.com members that responded to your call... as i wish you the very best always.....aloha~

p.s. keep us up to date on your progress :cool:

Update: I fixed majority of the problems with my care plans and now only make minor mistakes if that(Usually a wording problem or a goal timeline issue). I took the advice and am now using Saunder's drug guide. Thank you for all the tips.

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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you're welcome!

DisneyNurseGal, BSN, RN

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Esme12.... I have no idea what you would do with the cards you just posted (I don't start school for two weeks), but they look EPIC... I just saved them I am sure eventually I will figure out how to use them. YOU ARE THE BEST!

did you buy a lab value book? we were required to buy one and it helped a lot with labs i did not know. we had to explain both abnormal and normal values and it does teach you pathophys better knowing why you are running this lab. i used Drugs.com | Prescription Drug Information, Interactions & Side Effects when the med was not in my medbook. if you have a smartphone download the app epocrates. i LOVE it. my instructors would use it when they didn't know a med and it wasn't in the book. it's free for just the drug book part but you can pay to have the lab values on epocrates also. i never paid so i don't know how awesome the lab results are. i had that recommended to me by an internal medicine doctor when i started my program. it updates nightly so it has up to date info in it.


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