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Capping ceremony


Well, my class has set a date for capping which is at the beginning of February. I am making invitiations so I can send them out mid January. I am wondering if anyone has seen any poems or anything pertaining to this rite of passage to put in my invitations? I thought it would be nice to include something that stressed the importance and the spiritual significance of this ceremony. Does anyone have any ideas?:) Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Cool..you get caps? They don't exist here anymore. Maybe because we're at a University. Are you at a college?

Yes, we get caps. I am really psyched about that. I am at a community college. My instructor explained to me that in universities is where you used to see cappings the most. She said that students were capped at the beginning of their senior year. It's really a rite of passage for seniors, but she has one for us to mark the midway point of our program.

Cool..you get caps? They don't exist here anymore. Maybe because we're at a University. Are you at a college?

That's great that you get such a ceremony. My class will be the first class in 50 years that has never had a pinning ceremony. They just stopped doing it and despite our petition and everything they don't care. We are probably going to have our own after graduation. Good luck with the planning!

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I think I'm the only one that dreads the capping ceremony. I know we get caps I've seen them in pictures of other graduates. I don't want to wear one, even if it's for a few minutes. I'd much rather take my last final, pick up my degree in the office and head on out to a nice dinner with friends and family.

But then I opted to skip crossing the stage at my high school graduation. I hate ceremonies of any kind.


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A Nurse's Wish

To be a nurse requires dedication,

With years of study and preparation.

I pray for guidance and humbly ask,

That I will do well with this chosen task.

When illness stikes or pain demands,

And a life is placed within my hands,

Give me compassion, knowledge and skill

To do the things that comfort and heal.

Suffering makes patients' fear grow worse

And they seek reassurance from their nurse.

Help me see things from their point of view

And always to know what is best to do.

May I have a part, in some small way,

In restoring good health to someone today.

Let my work be all that I want it to be--

I ask the great healer to work through me.

-- Author Unknown


And here's a site with lots of inspirational poems about nurses:


edited to add: I also found a great site for nurses gifts:


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Our full-time class gets capped in late January. We part-timers get capped in June. I am looking forward to it! Let us know how it goes, Veronica!


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Cool! We had capping at the begining of our 2nd semester. Then, as we go along we get ribbons until we graduate.

We didn't say any prayers but some have in the past. Have fun!!!!


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We had a capping in 1992 - even the guys participated but they didn't get caps - they got something else - a lapel pin with a ribbon or something.

My mom graduated from nursing school in 1962 and for her the capping was a big deal. She says you used to be able to tell what schools people were from by their caps, now your lucky to be able to tell who they are much less where they are from! :coollook:

I thought at the time it was really neat that we still had a capping ceremony - I still have the ONE cap I bought for the occasion, wore it one more time for pictures after we graduated and got to add the stripe, but have never worn it again. Still it is cool to have it, and I do have some other caps I have collected at estate sales and such. I would love to be able to find some more info on the ones I have.

our capping ceremony is dec 17th, and in ours we have the florence nightingale pledge (you can do a search for it online, its pretty short)

hope that helps!

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