Can't get anyone around Dallas to hire me - This is terrible

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I was Navy Corpsman wit 2 tours in Iraq and still can't get anyone around Dallas to hire me. I am more than sure i have at least trauma II experience but no one ever picks me up. I am starting to doubt my career path and wish i would have just tried to be a Paramedic.

Anyone else have the same problem?

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Are you an RN? LPN?If you're not a nurse, what type of positions are you applying for?Keep in mind that times are tough pretty much across the board, employment-wise. It's definitely not just you.

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What kind of nurse are you, RN (and which kind, ASN or BSN) or LPN? Or are you a CNA? Where and what types of jobs are you applying for? What types of connections do you have and are you using them? How long have you been out of the military and what kind of discharge did you recieve? When was your last experience as a nurse?How long ago did you graduate? How are you in interviews? What does your resume look like?

The market for LPNs in this area is horrible. CNAs are having a tough time finding positions because student nurses are pretty much climbing over one another to get one of these spots during school so they have a better chance of employment after graduation. It is pretty cut throat.

For RNs, the DFW market is tough right now, but places are hiring for experienced nurses. If you are experienced but getting no bites, have someone take a look at your resume and cover letter and give you feedback. Also note that many local hospitals are no longer hiring two year RNs even with experience. Also those without inside connections, even with excellent credentials, often get lost in the modern application methods of sending resumes through the internet. These days it is all about who you know that can separate your application out from the herd.

If you are a new grad RN, you are in a very, very tight market in which new grads are taking 6 months to 1 year to find their first nursing job and most are not finding them at a hospital. DFW hospitals hire new grads only through internships for the most part and those happen twice a year - June and January. Hiring and interviewing for those start about three months beforehand. A few (VERY few) hospitals post an internship for an off time of year once in a while.

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You should be able to find a job, new nurse or not. 2 tours in Iraq, I do believe, you're entitled to a job. I'm not one for throwing entitlement around (because I don't believe in entitlement, etc), but I do believe that people that served in the military on active duty should be given preferential treatment.

You risked your life in combat. And, obviously, I think it's proven that you can handle stress well. At least make sure you put that on your resume. Something like..."Demonstrated ability to handle the most stressful situations..etc" Teamwork, etc.

I would write a good cover letter and be sure you're sending those with your application, too. If there's not a spot on the online app, then snail mail it. When one approach doesn't work, you have to try another.

Best of luck to you! And, I am so thankful for all of our troops! You guys/girls don't get enough credit for what you do.

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Oh, from what not.done.yet posts, sounds like you should move lol

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oh yeah sorry i just got my RN license in the mail! :) i appreciate all the input ladies/gents. its just frustrating for me right now because im pretty eager to practice medicine again.

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Have you tried going through the VA? You might qualify for employment assistance as well as be able to expand your networking opportunities. Also, as someone else pointed out, you may need to move or commute out of your area to find your first job as a New Grad. GL!

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OP - THANK YOU!!! - for your military service. I completely agree with the PP who stated that vets such as yourself should get special consideration.

You should widen your job search to include community hospitals within reasonable driving distance. They may not be able to afford a formal new grad program, but are more likely to hire a new grad.

BTW, we don't "practice medicine".... only physicians do that. We practice nursing. Completely different profession - LOL.

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