Can't find a job I like......


Any other new nurses can't find a job they like? I graduated in '07, and don't have much experience, so I can see why it's hard to find my dream job... But I just can't seem to find a job I like. I tried a few shifts in LTC, but hated it. The patients were too combative, and the facility was very poorly run. The nurses were lazy & handled terrible language. So I quit that, and recently got a job at an urgent care clinic as an LPN. Now I'm not so sure if I like this place or not.... :crying2: I helped check in and admit over 200 pts. the other night, on an 11 hour shift, w/ a 30 min lunch break. I was EXHAUSTED! I then had to drive an hour and 20 min. home. I can't find anything local. To beat it all, I have been out sick with the flu the past 2 days when I was supposed to be working - just my luck! I do wanna try to make a good impression at this new place until I find something else... even though it isn't my dream job. My husband keeps saying give it time, but I feel miserable already.... Can you tell right away if you're going to like a new nursing job or not?? Any words of encouragement would be appreciated... Don't mean to sound like a big baby either. I would just like to have a job I kinda liked so juggling work & family would be a little easier.... Thanks.

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Nursing is the hardest job I have ever had in my life. It is physically exhausting.

I don't know what to say about finding something you like. In this economy, for me, it was more finding something at all.


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Ya know, you're right... I should just be greatful to have something. I guess I'm just going to have to suck it up & do it. I'll just keep my eyes out for something more local with better hours I guess....

It will come along. What about nursing homes in your area? Dress nicely, resume in hand, and just show up on a m-f 7-3 workday and find the DON. That works well.

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If it makes you feel any better I drive over an hour each way to my jobs. :D I use the time in the car to unwind and just listen to music. Hang in there.


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I think I'm going to try to stick it out at this job for a while. I figure if I get a few months of experience there than that's better than nothing... then maybe I can find something closer to home eventually. LTC is not for me. I admire the nurses who are able to do it... but I know it's not something I can handle mentally.


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Nursing isn't just physically is also mentally and emotionally exhausting at times..the combination of the three doesn't always work out, especially if you're doing straight night shifts(5 nights in a row in a LTC)

BUT we are lucky to have jobs in this economy. We just have to stick it out and find as much happiness as we can in whatever we're doing at the time.


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Hello, I finished LPN school in August 2008.. My 1st job was at a nursing home making 20.00 an hour where you work 3/12s and get paid for 40. I thought I can put up with anything for 3 days a week. Boy how wrong was I.. LOL You have to be careful of jobs that offer perks like that, they do it for a reason. I wound up quitting that job just after 2 months, I then went to my second job at a nursing home and I kept being sent home because they did not have a lot of patients, I then went to another nursing home mon-fri, this 2 did not work. So since I graduated from nursing school I am currently at my 4th job. I now work for the state as a nurse, I work in mental health out in the community and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I guess I am just trying to say keep looking until you find something you like. I think conditions for nurses are so bad in nursing homes and other places is because people don't quit. They stay and put up with crap until they are broken both mentally and physically. PLEASE don't quit until you find another job but keep looking and eventually you will find what your are looking for. If it is possible look for a job with a union... I think it makes a huge difference. Good LUCK :)


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In many cases lately it is be happy you have a job at all. Imagine going for months without work only to get a job where the managers do not back their nurses and you are out on your butt for no good reason. It all gets to be more tiring looking around for work, than putting up with a bad situation. At least with the bad situation, you get a pay check and you can pay your rent. Happiness on the job may be nice, but it is not to be expected. Lots of people smile when that paycheck is in the mailbox.


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It will come along. What about nursing homes in your area? Dress nicely, resume in hand, and just show up on a m-f 7-3 workday and find the DON. That works well.

Really? I didn't know if this was even allowed these days. I had thought that everyone was required to use an email application for all LTC nursing jobs. I am so glad to hear that this is still acceptable. :yeah: Now is this acceptable when applying for hospital jobs,clinic jobs etc.? Thanks so much.;) I absolutely hate to do email job applications.

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I just went back to work after many years off, the jobs that I went into dressed nicely with a nicely typed resume in hand were the two that offered me jobs. The ones I applied over the internet to, I heard nothing back from. I really dislike the email applications, so impersonal!

I really believe that going to a facility in person is the way to go. The worst they will do is shake your hand, take your resume, and tell you they will call you. At least they have a face to the name, something they do not get over an email. Dress nicely, have all your references/resume ready to hand off (on nice paper!), and smile smile smile! Good luck :)