Can't decide... statistic or pre-calculus ???

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I am really confused and don't know what to do.

I still have to take a math class before applying into nursing program and I can't decide which one will be the best for me! My goals is to get RN degree, then BSN, and then CRNA. Math comes very easy for me and I am not afraid of it... On one hand I am afraid that I will be bored by taking statistic and on other hand... I may have to take statistics in the future anyway for BSN or CRNA. But truly I think I would have more fun with pre-calculus...

Any advice?


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Take the course you need. If pre-cal is really so much fun, you can take that too, but definitely take the course you are going to need in the future---you'll have to anyways---better to get it over now rather than later.

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I agree with the above poster. You're going to need Statistics. Might as well take it now. Maybe later you can use the pre-calc as an elective somewhere...

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ewwww..... I wouldnt want to take either one! (But I took Stats...)


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You may need statistics for your BSN, most programs require it. If you like math and want to take pre-calculus, then take it after you have completed statistics, when you have time for electives. Get done what you need first, extras can come later.


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Thank you guys! I will take statistics :)

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my bsn program required a statistics class as a pre-requisite for the nursing research class that was required to graduate with the bsn. however, the statistics class was a very specific requirement as well and was not a mathematics statistic, but a statistics class offered through one of the social science departments. as others have said, if you know where you are going for your bsn and crna, take the statistics class that is a requirement for the nursing research class. otherwise, knock yourself out with pre-calculus. fyi. . .drug calculations in nursing only require 8th-grade math competency and some (like me) prefer to solve some problems using dimensional analysis (factor labeling). basic word problems that are done in pre-algebra are what you need to be able to understand and solve for nursing math. it's nice to be able to graph equations, work with polynomials, solve quadratic equations, and play a little with some trig functions, but you'll probably never need to use those skills in nursing.

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