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Canadian nurse looking to move to Texas


I finished my nursing degree in Canada and have been working in med/surg/cardiology for the past 1.5yrs. I am hoping to relocate in the next year as I want to try something different. How is the job market for someone like me? Are hospitals accepting of Canadian Nurses? What are some of the hospitals I should be looking at? I'm thinking Dallas or possibly Houston area, leaning more towards Dallas as I have friends there. What can be expected in wages? What are patient loads like? How easy is it to pursue further education. I would like to start a Master's program soon. Any input would be much appreciated. Hope your having a nice day.:)

I am a new grad RN in the Dallas area, and it seems to me that there are plenty of jobs for EXPERIENCED RNs, but nobody really wants to give new grads a chance. Since you are experienced, I think you could find a job. There are plenty of big hospitals in Dallas: Baylor University Medical Center, Medical City Dallas, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Parkland, University Hospital/Zale Lipshy, Children's, the VA hospital, Methodist Dallas, Methodist Charlton. There are probably some I'm forgetting. Fort Worth has John Peter Smith, Harris Methodist, Cook Children's, and probably more. You will find that most of them are part of health care corporations --- Baylor is part of Baylor Health System, Medical City Dallas belongs to HCA North Texas, Presby of Dallas and Harris Methodist of Fort Worth are both part of Texas Health, both Methodist hospitals are part of Methodist Health System. Parkland, JPS, the VA, and University Hospital all have the big hospital plus off-site locations, but sort of stand alone, not as huge as the others. Pretty much all of the suburban hospitals between and around Dallas and Fort Worth belong to HCA, THR, or Baylor, so check those three job websites plus Parkland, JPS, the VA, and University Hospital, and you pretty much have the whole metroplex covered. Oh yeah, there is also Texas Scottish Rite Children's in Dallas. Good luck!

PS - I did mention that new grads need not apply, right?? Also, you will have far better luck if you have your BSN already.

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Actually new grads ARE getting hired. Just not in the droves they were before. Out of a class of 49, about 18 of us have internships lined up to start in January.

But yeah, DFW is a BSN type town for the most part. I have no idea how the Canadian license transfers to the US or if you will have to take the NCLEX. I suspect the website for the BON would have that info for you. Good luck!

I have passed the NCLEX and have my VisaScreen. I'm just waiting for my Texas licence to go through. Any ideas for wages I can expect and continuing education? Thanks for all the information, very much appreciated!!!:):)

Hey, just wondering how you get your visa? I'm stuck in a situation where I need an employer to give me a letter of employment so I can get a work visa. I got my license already so jus waiting for a job offer.

Sorry for the late response, I didn't realize someone had posted. I applied for my VISA online and sent the all the appropriate documents, it took about 2months.

Did you have to write the NCLEX?

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Did you have to write the NCLEX?

Three year old thread but yes unless you wrote NCLEX-RN this year in Canada then maybe


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